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Questions to Ask a Private Investigator

When hiring a private investigator or when contacting a firm for your job, you will need to understand how the person will go about completing the job. You will also want to know the person's experience level and rate of success. These answers will help to ensure that you hire someone who is well-qualified to complete the investigation within restrictions imposed by the law.

  • What are your specialty areas?
    A private investigator can specialize in handling infidelity cases, while others specialize in bounty hunter work. You want to make sure that the person that you hire is experienced in the type of investigation or detective work that you need.

  • What have been your experiences in undercover work?
    You can ask the person for specific information regarding surveillance, work in a firm, an agency, detective work or about an experience attempting to recover a criminal for a case. Contractors with agency experience can be good choices because they were qualified to work for another company.

  • How long will the service take?
    If you need to retrieve information for a background check or if you need information for proof of an infidelity, you will want to know a general time-frame in which the contractor will provide information.

  • How will you handle the job?
    It's a good idea to ask the person about the tactics that will be used to get information or apprehend the suspect. The methods that are used for the job, may have an impact on the cost.

  • How much will the services cost?
    You will need to know how you will be billed. Will you be billed hourly, or will some other method be used? Ask for a written estimate of the costs. Because the contractor may have additional expenses during the service, ask to approve all additional expenses.
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    ESI Investigation Agency
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    National Assn. of Professional Background Screener
    We are a national society of background check specialists with members across the nation. Our association of background check specialists aid businesses by conducting background checks and screenings.
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    There are over 60,000 private investigators in the United States, working on a variety of issues ranging from bounty hunters to civil suits. Employing a private investigator is both a personal and a professional decision no matter what legal matter you’re looking into. Private-minded clients who are serious about their predicament will invest in a detective to investigate records or recover specific persons or items. Successful firms have good track records and possess good reasoning abilities. Privacy is paramount for investigations involving background checks, which expose a suspect's identity. In situations like those involving infidelity or undercover operations, it’s extremely important to get information from an experienced agency.

    For matters involving infidelity, it's wise to consult an agency with marital law experience and the know-how to deal with a cheating spouse. A firm should also be discreet in these cases, both when conducting surveillance of the infidelity situation and when presenting information. To become a detective, one should pursue a degree in criminal justice or undergo a certification class. Aspiring detectives learn the ins and outs of the court, surveillance methods, and collecting and evaluating evidence. For bodyguards, you need to be physically intimidating and obtain a security license. Firms look for the most effective kind of investigator that is patient, sensible, and focused. You may also choose to investigate independently, but many individuals start off learning from others within an agency.

    You don’t have to be interested in solving fidelity investigations to excel as an investigator. Fields related to investigators include paralegal and law enforcement. Check with a local firm to see if you can land an internship to see how an agency works for yourself. Unraveling the facts and revealing evidence are the rewards in an investigation.