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Important Questions to Ask about Pressure Washing

If you have a dirty job to clean such as a muddy fence, deck or sidewalk, or a stain on an outdoor surface, a pressure washing service might be the best way to get things clean. Pressure washers spray water at over a hundred times the pressure of a garden hose. Here are some basic questions to ask a pressure washing service you may rent or hire.

  • Do you use gasoline or electric power pressure washer machines?
    Pressure washers are operated by an electric or gasoline powered motor, it is important to know which type will be used so you can power or charge it correctly.

  • What chemicals will be used?
    Pressure washer chemical cleansers are used by most services. If you are concerned about the environment around your project, find a service which offers eco-friendly cleaners.

  • Is a steam pressure washer available?
    For large stains a steam pressure washer might be necessary to get your surface cleaned.

  • What surfaces does your service pressure wash?
    A good service should provide washing of surfaces including roof, deck, fence, and more.

  • Do you have portable pressure washers?
    A portable pressure washer machine is helpful to have on precarious surfaces such as a roof.

  • Does your company have insurance?
    A good pressure washing service will have insurance for their equipment and employees.

  • Will someone from your company operate and clean my space or will I just be renting the pressure washer?
    Some services just rent the washer and others provide a full service clean, labor included.

    A pressure washing service can be the perfect way to get your home or business cleaned up, be sure to ask the right questions and work with someone you can trust.

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    Working for a pressure washing company is an important duty. Many homes and businesses depend on power washing professionals to remove dirt, grime and stains from a wide variety of surfaces. Workers in this field can typically clean most objects that require the use of pressure washing machines. For instance, roofs, siding, pools and fences are often operated on by workers. In addition, decks, sidewalks, trucks and trailers are commonly serviced by these professionals. Along with wood, concrete and brick surfaces, workers often have experience with furniture fabrics and similar soft materials. Unlike high pressure water pumps, most workers use steam to maintain these materials.

    Most companies do not require their employees to acquire certifications or licenses before operating electric power washing machines. However, stringent safety measures are regularly enforced by pressure washing companies. This helps decrease potential liabilities and keeps clients and employees safe from harm. Overall, employers expect their workers to have a strong work ethic. In addition, they must be courteous and polite to customers and be able to promptly show up to appointments. In addition, workers must often repair and maintain their portable pressure washing equipment. This may include fixing their electric or gas powered motors. In addition, workers may be expected to repair and replace pressure washing accessories, such as hoses and spray handles. Employees must often work outdoors. Therefore, they must also be ready to withstand elements such as rain and snow.

    From hosing down roofs to clearing dirt and grime from automobiles, the process of pressure washing helps maintain a wide variety of important objects. Therefore, workers with experience using these machines play a crucial role in ensuring these items remain clean and function properly.