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Terminology about New Retail Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies
No matter how sturdy and reliable your plumbing fixtures may be, mineral deposits, age and wear will eventually necessitate the replacement of one or more components. Here is a list of plumbing types, fixtures and functions that might help you if your plumbing needs attention:

Electronic Plumbing: Electronic sensor operated fixtures typically found in public bathrooms. These fixtures rely upon motion sensor technology that triggers water flow in sinks and showers, soap disbursement in soap dispensers and flushing in toilets and urinals. Electronic plumbing is more hygienic, since fixtures do not have to be touched, and saves water since faucets are never left running.

Backflow Preventer: A device designed to prevent water from flowing from one system back into the main distribution system.

Ball Check Valve: A ball valve that prevents water from reverse flow. Many ball check valves are spring loaded, however, many rely upon the initial reverse flow of the water to seal the seat.

Closet Bend: A curved fitting that is mounted below the toilet which connects the closet flange to the toilet drain.

Compression Fitting: A tube or pipe inserted between two pieces of piping that creates a solder-like seal. They are used for hot and cold water faucets.

Culvert: A concrete or steel pipe that allows drainage under roads, bridges or driveways.

Flushometer: A toilet valve that shuts the water flow off automatically after a certain level has been reached.

Riser: A metal or plastic tubing assembly connecting the faucet to the water supply stop valve.

Stop Valve: A localized shut off valve. It allows the flow of water to be stopped in one location without stopping the entire water supply.

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When you decide you need plumbing work done in your home, there are a few planning aspects that need to be done before you begin the project. The first thing is deciding whether you will be doing the work yourself, or hiring a contractor. If you do not have plumbing experience, it may be best for you to hire an expert. The following are questions you should ask before you get started.

  • What type of supplies and fixtures do I need?
    Whether you decide to hire a contractor or not, you should find out what the project entails. If you are installing a new sink, bath tub or shower, you will also have additional choices to make. The design you would prefer for your kitchen or bathroom is an important decision to make. Buying a cheaper faucet for your bathroom or kitchen will not be satisfying if you do not like the finished product.

  • Is there a warranty?
    If you decide to do the work yourself, find out if the supplies and fixtures have warranties. The same applies for faucets, toilets or garbage disposals. Ask how long the supplies are expected to last. If you hire a plumber to do the work, find out if there is a warranty for the project.

  • What is the reputation?
    Before you get started with any project, you want to know the reputation of the contractor or the supplies you decide to purchase. Buying cheaper parts may save you money as you're doing the project, but cost you more money in the future if the work is not done correctly.