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Questions to Ask About Plastic, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a procedure which restores or heals bodily disfigurements for cosmetic and medical purposes. Plastic surgery can be both cosmetic and reconstructive. Surgeons in this field are specially trained and educated as well as certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Well known surgical procedures include breast augmentations, liposuction and more. Here are some questions to ask a plastic surgeon you may hire to perform surgery.

  • What experience do you have performing this surgery?
    It can be comforting to know the plastic surgeon you hire has extensive experience in the procedure you require. Many surgeons specialize in different areas such as breast augmentation, lifts and more. Additionally, some surgeons specialize in reconstructive surgeries for birth defects.

  • What are the risks of my procedure and how long will it take to recover?
    It is a good idea to understand the risks involved in surgery as well as the recovery time. The recovery time for surgeries varies greatly however it is rarely less than ten days. Risks include negative reactions to the anesthesia, infection, nerve damage and more. Recovery and side effects vary for men and women as well as if the process is cosmetic or reconstructive. A doctor or surgeon will be able to answer risk and recovery questions.

  • How much will the procedure cost?
    There are many costs to surgery besides just the surgery itself. These costs include the hospital stay, blood work, anesthesia, medications and more. Cosmetic surgeries such as implants or liposuction are not covered by insurance and you will be expected to pay for these procedures in full. Reconstructive surgery that is medically recommended or required by a doctor to improve a person's ability to function is often times covered by insurance.
  • The American Society Of Plastic Surgeons
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    Some men and women work as plastic surgeons in order to assist people with procedures like facial reconstruction and breast augmentation. This type of cosmetic surgery is a very big business nowadays, and there is certainly a lot of money to be made in this field. As you may know, many women are interested in breast implants, as well as liposuction treatments for thighs, arms, and legs. Since plastic surgeons are needed all over the country, there are many opportunities in this field of medicine. In this line of work, you can expect to handle anything from face lifts, to tummy tucks, to eyelid lifts, to rhinoplasty procedures, which involve reshaping the patient’s nose.

    You will need a specific level of schooling and training in order to become a doctor or surgeon in this field. This typically involves acquiring a college degree, followed by completing medical school, and then completing a residency at a hospital or clinic. Some cosmetic surgeons and specialists also assist patients with procedures like laser hair removal, chemical facial peels, and facial reconstruction. A lot just depends on where your expertise lies. This can certainly be a very rewarding line of work to be in, because you get to assist so many women and men with their physical appearance. While you may need to handle a breast augmentation or implant procedure on one day, you may need to assist with a liposuction treatment the next day.

    Working in this branch of medicine or reconstructive surgery means working with a variety of other medical professionals, doctors, and nurses regularly.