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Questions to Ask a Paving Contractor

Whether choosing a contractor to build a parking lot or a simple gravel walkway, check for licensure, liability insurance and reference checks. Once you’ve found the right contractor for the job, be sure to ask these questions.

  • Should I use asphalt (blacktop) or concrete?
    Traditionally used in road construction, asphalt has become popular for driveways, especially in cold climates. That’s because concrete is prone to crack in winter, and responds badly to salt. Also, blacktop absorbs heat better, meaning that snow melts faster. Concrete is easier to maintain than asphalt, which you have to seal with tar each year. It lasts about 30 years — 15 years longer than your average asphalt driveway.

  • Do I need to repair or replace my driveway?
    If you only need to fix a few cracks, you can probably just patch or resurface your driveway. Extensive cracking or an unsound base will result in your overlay coat not lasting as long as it should.

  • How will you ensure the right slope for drainage?
    Water damage can take years off the life of your driveway, not to mention what flooding can do to your garage and yard. But if the slope is too steep, it will be difficult to drive and park on the driveway. Talk to your contractor about how this issue will be approached.

  • Should I lay pave stone instead?
    The pave stone (also called “paving” and “pavestone”) technique can consist of a pressed concrete block approach or more aesthetically pleasing limestone or granite. Popular with patio, walkway and other such design, you can also choose paving stone for your driveway. It will crack less than concrete, and you can switch out sections because it is made of many pieces (as opposed to concrete and asphalt, which are just one big slab).
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    Paving contractors work on various projects in the construction industry. Paving companies require personnel skilled in laying asphalt and mixing concrete. Putting together block or slab patios requires a different level of skill. Some may also hire bricklayers.

    Asphalt or blacktop surfaces have to be laid in precise weather conditions. They also need regular maintenance. A blacktop driveway has to be resealed every year, done by the application of a coat of coal tar. Because of this, some homeowners prefer concrete driveways, which generally require less maintenance. Some contractors may specialize in one or the other. Paving materials need to be mixed using special equipment and machines. Contractors hire drivers to move equipment to and from the work site, as well as workers to perform the actual building of the paved area.

    Asphalt and concrete are laid on top of fill material. Gravel is placed over a layer of scalping stone. Some contractors may only lay gravel and maintain gravel spaces, which commonly requires the addition of new stone.

    Paving contractors may build new paved areas, in such cases the contractors are often involved with the design process. They may also completely resurface areas. However, much of their work is routine maintenance and repairs. Patching cracks in both asphalt and concrete surfaces is essential. They may also replace large paving stones on a patio.

    Some contractors mostly do residential paving work, including driveways, car ports and patio areas. Others do larger scale projects that might include corporate parking lots and private roads. Road repair itself is often handled by government personnel, but this too may be outsourced to contractors.

    Paving maintenance and replacement will continue to be a prospering industry.