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Things to Ask at a Mattress Store

Quality mattresses last up to 20 years with proper care. High prices are not the best way to judge quality. By understanding the questions you should ask the retailer, you'll end up with a surface that is going to last.

  • What type is best for my preferred sleeping position?
    The spine takes the brunt of your weight while you sleep, so for those who sleep on their back, a firm surface helps support the spine. Those who rest on their stomach or side need softness to allow for the pressure points of the hips and shoulders. Memory foam, pillow tops, and water units suit stomach sleepers. Futons are great for back sleepers. Cribs should always be firm to prevent suffocation.

  • Do you sell the mattress and box spring separately?
    Many retailers and warehouses refuse to sell a unit without the matching box spring. If you have a platform bed, the box spring is really unnecessary. You'll save money by skipping over the box spring, so look for stores that do sell the units separately.

  • Are manufacturer brand warranties worthwhile?
    While sleep number and water beds are popular, they can be notorious for splitting along a seam, allowing air or water to escape the cover. Make sure you understand exactly what to expect from a warranty before the store finalizes the purchase.

  • Is a firm unit going to last longer?
    The firmness of the unit doesn't define how long it will last. Memory foam does tend to last longer. Latex padding is known for having the best life span.

  • Is the frame included?
    If the new unit is a larger or smaller size, you need framing that properly supports the box spring. Queen, California kings, and kings should have six legs, while full/double or twin/singles only need four. Many stores or wholesalers offer free frames in the correct size.
  • International Sleep Products Association
    Start getting more sleep today with help from our international sleep products association. Our members are the premiere retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers of mattresses and high quality bedding.
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    Furniture stores or bed companies will offer an array of mattresses geared toward the sleeping needs and preferences of their customer base. Mattress salespeople should help their customers to find beds with enough support

    As opposed to a single model, merchants often offer several choices of beds, particularly in different sizes. In addition to primary items, businesses in this area also typically stock their showrooms or warehouses with accessories such as sheets, frames, and pillows. A mattress can be altered with a pillowtop pad to make it less firm.

    Some of the specific customer bases for mattress manufacturers and stores include parents and students. New or soon-to-be parents, for instance, might look for cribs. Parents of slightly older children, meanwhile, can be in the market for twin or single beds and the appropriate mattress cover. King and queen mattresses are more popular for adults. College students, with cramped living areas, may select futons rather than larger king or double beds.

    On the other hand, a store could also choose to specialize in memory foam pads. Some stores may also offer just one particular brand of mattresses. In addition to memory foam, water beds could also be a store specialty.

    If mattresses are being offered wholesale or used in a retail setting, customers should make sure that the items on sale adhere to safety standards set by authorities like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In this way, people can ensure that the bed frame has been safely designed. If air mattresses are underinflated, then the pad can be overly soft. In the online era, consumers can research the best mattress for their needs.