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Important Terms to Know About Cold and Heat Insulation Contractors
Insulation contractors install all types of insulation in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and other areas of a home or business. They use a variety of thermal insulation products designed to stabilize internal air temperature and keep in cold and heat. Insulation, which saves on energy and provides noise resistance, comes in many different forms, from spray foam to sheets. Here are some terms to keep familiar with when selecting a qualified insulation contractor.

Frost Resistant Insulation: This refers to a particular type of insulation that repels frost or ice, which is great for extremely cold climates.

Hemp: An all-natural fiber that is friendly on the environment. Related natural materials include wool, cotton, straw, sawdust and wood chips.

Blown Insulation: Applied using special blowers, this cellulose-based material is ideal because it doesn’t clog vents and is great for filling in spaces around chutes. This environmentally friendly insulation is very efficient and less costly than fiberglass.

Reflective Insulation: Made from foil with different types of backing, such as polyethylene bubbles, cardboard or plastic, typically found between rafters and wall studs. This form of insulation is extremely energy efficient, and provides a radiant barrier when used in an open space, particularly attics. Foil is generally sold in rolls, presenting a versatile insulation option for any home.

R Value: Resistance to the flow of heat. The higher an R value, the better it can resist heat transfer.

Batt Thickness: Refers to the thickness of any given insulation. The higher the R value of the insulation, the thicker it will be.
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In order for cold and heat insulation contractors to provide all of the maintenance and insulation services that their customers need, they have to employ several different types of workers and managers to operate the company.

Many of the customer service representatives working for heat and cold insulation contractors have experience performing energy audits for industrial, commercial, and residential buildings. This helps licensed contractors determine what types of products will improve energy efficiency in your home and make your energy bills more affordable.

After the contractors have determined problem areas, such as windows, attics, roofs, and lofts, they can consult with the homeowner to determine what types of thermal foams, sprays, and fiberglass will work best in the house. They can then schedule an appointment with an installation crew to provide the service.

The installation crew needs to know how to use equipment that sprays fiberglass and thermal cellulose into small attic spaces. Blown insulation is not installed like insulation sheets, so they often need to know how to use both types of products. Many of the installation crews also use windows with multiple panes and argon gas to prevent cold and heat from escaping the home. Depending on the services that the contracting company offers, these crews might also provide maintenance and replacement services for older buildings.

The managers oversee the workers to make sure that the company operates efficiently. Some of them also make connections with suppliers to give them access to low-cost products. This makes their rates more affordable, so they can attract more clients.