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Terms Relating to Gasoline and Oil Marketing and Distributing
The following are some terms relating to the marketing and distributing of gasoline and oil:

Barrel: Crude oil and petroleum products are measured by the barrel. Barrels are measured by volume, and one barrel is 42 gallons.

Branded: Branded crude oil products are those associated with a particular major corporation. Branded gasoline and other oil products may be owned by the company that drills for and refines the crude oil, or they may be a company that simply distributes the product.

Bulk Facility: A bulk facility is a location that gets large shipments of gasoline and diesel fuel. These shipments can be obtained by barge, railcar, or pipeline. The bulk facility then distributes the fuel to a tank or barge. Locations that use fuels to generate electricity are not considered bulk facilities.

Dealer Tank Wagon: A dealer tank wagon is the vehicle from which gasoline distributors receive their shipments. This term also refers to how much the dealer pays for the gasoline. This price is higher than the fuel’s rack price because it includes the cost of additional transporting.

Lifting: Lifting is the picking up of a product by a barge or tanker from the terminal. The barge or tanker could receive unfinished oil or a refined product.

Rack Price: The rack price of gasoline is how much wholesalers pay for refined oil products that come directly from the refinery. This price has been altered to include shipping and profit for the supplier.

Retail Price: The retail price of gasoline and other petroleum products is how much a marketer is charging the public for the product. This price is higher than a dealer tank wagon or rack price because the marketer has already had to pay for shipping of the good and supplier fees. Wholesalers then distribute this product to other marketers.

Spot Price: Spot price is the commodity market’s cost of petroleum. All subsequent prices of petroleum products, from rack price to retail price, are based on the spot price of petroleum.

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Aloha Petroleum LTD Write review for this local business
999 Kalanianaole Ave, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 935-0929  
Hawaii Petroleum Inc Write review for this local business
16 Railroad Ave Ste 202, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 969-1405  
Hawaii Gas Write review for this local business
945 Kalanianaole Ave, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 935-0021  
Wailuku River Hydroelectric Power Co Write review for this local business
Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 961-6084  
Aloha Petroleum Write review for this local business
661 Kalanianaole Ave, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 935-1100  
Akana Petroleum Write review for this local business
50 Kukila St, Hilo, HI 96720
(808) 969-1411  
Hawaii Petroleum Write review for this local business
74-5558 Kaiwi St, Kailua Kona, HI 96740
(808) 329-1862  
Aloha Petroleum Write review for this local business
79-7257 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kealakekua, HI 96750
(808) 322-7877  
Shell Write review for this local business
79-7257 Mamalahoa Hwy, Kealakekua, HI 96750
(808) 322-7877  

Consumers can find out more about gas and oil industry through websites like the Federal Trade Commission and other government agencies and the International Petroleum Exchange. These entities are at the forefront of the industry and can provide breaking information regarding prices of crude oil, home heating oil, diesel fuel, natural petroleum, and oil to lubricate machinery.

An oil and gas marketer may operate within a number of businesses on a wholesale or retail level, buying and selling to gasoline stations, mechanics, heating oil businesses, and petroleum trucking companies. These professionals are subject to government regulation, as is anyone in the oil and gas business, such as offshore drilling companies.

Services offered range from sales and delivery to rebranding and advertising. They may also transport and distribute drums and barrels of natural gas and crude oil to customers. Such companies may operate virtually, presenting convenient websites to consumers that outline costs and services. They can do pretty much anything on the website, from online ordering for regularly scheduled deliveries to account management. Oil and gas distributors can distribute on local, state, national, or international levels, and their websites may be categorized as such. Some companies may market and sell oil to lubricate cars and machines, while others may sell diesel fuel to gas stations.

To be an oil and gasoline marketer and distributor, one must be knowledgeable about the economy, including current prices, able to give quick, accurate estimates on crude oil to clients looking for answers. Communication skills, along with business, marketing, negotiation, and sales skills are all necessary talents to possess.