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Tips for Choosing a Copier and Copier Supplies
Every office has at least one copier, and that copy machine will need to be outfitted with the proper supplies. Those supplies multiply with every copier you have on the floor and those costs can really add up. You could buy from a wholesaler in bulk to save money, or you could time a sale right and hit your local retailer to pick up what you need. Most such dealers sell paper, copy machines, printers, photocopiers and scanners. Here are some tips to keep in mind when looking for copiers and copier supplies.

Tip #1: Consider Your Copying Needs
If you will only be copying one page at a time for small residential jobs, you will be best off with a flat top scanner and copier. If you want to feed multiple pages through at once, go with a copier that features a feeder. This option may be more expensive but it will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Tip #2: Consider the Cost of Ink
Just like copiers vary greatly in price, so do ink packages. You may feel like you got a great deal on a copier but you may find out later that the ink supply costs are outrageous. Selecting a copier based on ink consumption as one of the many factors is a wise move.

Tip #3: Read Reviews About Specific Models and Products
It’s extremely important to do your research on any copier you choose. This involves reading not only product descriptions on the manufacturer website, but also visiting unbiased websites that provide reviews from consumers on various brands. These reviews will be very helpful in selecting the best copier for your needs. You can see how one copier fared over another in terms of price, functionality, style and user-friendliness.

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Copier Superstore
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National Copy Systems Inc
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Within this industry, there are several sub specialties of providers of home and office business supplies. Some specialize in industrial or commercial duplicating machines, offering replacement parts like drums and fusers. Others target home office customers, offering smaller scale items like toner, ribbon, refills, cartridges, and laser jet supplies. Each type of store offers varying services for customers. Most companies do boast websites to help make the consumers' experience more efficient.

The first person a customer is likely to encounter is the customer representative, who should be an excellent communicator and sales person. This professional offers basic information on the company and the products it sells, such as cartridges and color inkjet printers. He or she is often the voice or face of the company, providing a valuable first impression.

Sales associates can help guide the customer in the right direction in terms of the best brands for the price. Also, depending on needs and budget, different copying and office supplies will be needed by different customers. As such, providers need to cater to each type to ensure quality interactions.

Many services are offered by companies in this industry, such as free shipping on certain dollar amounts, delivery, online assistance, warranties, and online coupons. These days, just about anything is available for purchase online, from drums and toner to inkjet supplies and color ink. Quality customer service, coupled with tried-and-true products, should be the hallmark of copiers and copier supplies companies. Fair return policies, along with attention to detail and extra services like free shipping, are also pluses.