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Important Terms to Know About Wholesale Computer Supplies and Parts
When your computer breaks down or runs into a software malfunction, it can be debilitating to say the least, especially when your daily work depends on it. You may hit the retail store for the products you need, but retailers must buy in bulk from wholesalers for their stock. Wholesalers of computer supplies and parts sell motherboards, hard drives, disks, keyboards and cables to retailers and others who need these products in bulk. Whether you need memory cards, scanner, fax machines or desktop systems, you can get these items and more from a wholesaler at a bulk discount. It’s helpful to know the following important terms

Machine Code: A system of instructions executed by the CPU, or central processing unit, each one performing a specific task.

User Interface: The information a computer program presents to the user, along with the control sequences, such as mouse movements, that a person uses to control the program.

Motherboard: The central printed circuit board, or PCB for short, which contains the important parts of the computer system. It not only provides connectors for peripherals, it also acts as the central brain of the whole operation.

Data Recovery: The process of salvaging data that has been damaged or corrupted, via storage media such as hard disk drives, CDs, DVDs and storage tapes. Typically, this requires copying files to another disk when operating system failure occurs.

Spyware: Software that installs itself on a computer to gather personal information, such as Internet use and passwords. Similarly, a virus is a software program that reproduces itself to infect a computer, effectively wiping out all files and programs.

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Plenty of people work in the wholesale computer supplies and parts industry. This is because so many companies, businesses and individuals are in need of PC monitors, refurbished laptop computers and external hard drives. Clearly there is a major demand for these products, and countless electronic stores need to purchase these parts and supplies in bulk so they can get discounted rates. If you work for a computer part wholesaler, you are likely to handle all sorts of PC motherboards, USB cables, notebook computers and peripherals like scanners and printers. This can be a very busy and financially rewarding field to get into.

It is important to know plenty about the computer supplies and parts you are handling in this line of work. This often includes products like mouse tools, external hard drives, memory cards and used laptops. You will also deal with printer equipment, ink cartridges, notebook cooling fans and refurbished desktop PCs. There will likely be some on site training involved. After all, you will probably need to know the brand names and part numbers of these laptops, PC motherboards, monitors and electronic peripherals. You will also likely have to package them properly and box them so they can be shipped to different companies and businesses worldwide. This calls for a great deal of patience and care, so that nothing gets broken.

When you work for a wholesale computer supplies and parts company, you can expect to deal with a number of major customers and buyers on a regular basis.