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Questions You Might Ask an Automobile Electric Service

A trained mechanic will be able to assist with all repairs of a vehicle’s electric components. These issues can result in the car not starting, a broken heater or radio and more. Your car battery alternator or other part may be responsible. Here are some questions to ask an automobile electric service to ensure you get the best maintenance and care possible.

  • My car isn’t starting, what could be the problem?
    If your engine does not crank or make a sound at all then you might have a dead battery which can be tested by checking if your inside lights or radio works when the ignition is switched on. If your engine does crank but won’t start you may have a problem with your alternator, spark plugs or other piece of the ignition system. A mechanic will be able to diagnose and repair these parts to new and well running condition.

  • Why are some of the lights in my vehicle not working?
    Tail lights, interior lights, turn signal and more may require repair because of a blown fuse, a bad alternator or a dying battery. You can check your own fuses by finding the panel in the glove box and checking for discolored wiring or signs of a bad connection. Checking the battery, fuse panel and other parts for corrosion and signs of aging is a good step in basic automobile maintenance.

  • Some of the switches in my car aren’t working, what should I do?
    If your starting key switch, automatic locks, window switches or other gauges aren’t working these are also signs of electric issues. In this scenario it is a good idea to have a mechanic look over your car to find the problem and repair your automobile.
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    Automobile electric services concern the installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of vehicle power and electrical components. Most of these companies specialize in starters, alternators, electric fuel pumps and ignition systems. Automobile electric services also specialize in the maintenance and repair of electric car engines and systems in most vehicles.

    These shops will often provide roadside assistant for vehicles that have lost power or have computer problems. They sometimes provide on-the-spot diagnostics and replacement or repair of fuses, cables, wiring, and other parts needed to get a vehicle running again. If the roadside assistance can't help they will get the vehicle into a shop, and there they will be able to provide more options for repairs.

    Automobile electric service specialists are often certified by the manufacturer of the vehicle to work on that specific make or model. These technicians should have gone to school for a long period to become automobile electricians, and are therefore very qualified to wire vehicles. They should also be able to handle all of the electronics on a vehicle, from the connectors to the computers.

    Automobile electric service shops often work with repair or body shops if they need to remove panels or drill holes. This sometimes needs to be done in order to install wiring or cables for the electric systems, so the vehicle will look the same as before the repairs were made. These companies will also work with paint shops so they can match any work they do with the original paint color that is on the vehicle.

    Automobile electric specialists provide services to people who need help with their electrical wiring, cables, or connectors, as well as providing general maintenance for electric and gas vehicles' power systems.