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Common Industrial and Commercial Welding Terms
Nearly all metal installations are the result of some form of industrial welding. As one of the oldest forms of metallurgy, welding is the process wherein two or more metal units are bonded together when the application of intense heat liquefies the work pieces. The molten metal then cools the pieces into one cohesive unit. Here is some basic welding terminology:

Soldering: The procedure wherein two or more metal units are joined together by melting a filler metal at a lower melting point and applying it between the two work piece joints. Historically, the most common filler metal was lead, but recent environmental and health concerns ultimately called for the use of alloys that are lead free. Soldered applications are usually plumbing, electronics, jewelry, stained glass and sheet metal objects.

Brazing: A procedure similar to soldering, except the filler metal is heated above the melting point. The filler metal flows over the work pieces which are then joined together as the filler metal cools.

Forging: The manufacturing process wherein a single piece of metal is manipulated into a desired shape using presses or hammers.

MIG: Metal Inert Gas welding. An arc welding practice wherein a continual wire electrode and shielding gas are fed through a welding gun. Generally regarded as the easiest welding technique to master.

TIG: Tungsten Inert Gas welding. An arc welding process using a tungsten electrode to achieve the weld. A constant current power supply provides the energy that is channeled across the arc and through a plasma, which is a column of metal and gas vapors.

American Welding Society
Whether you perform automotive welding, industrial, commercial, or artistic, you can be a member of our association. The society for welders makes sure you have all the resources available.
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A number of professionals work as industrial and commercial welders. Although this can certainly be a physically challenging line of work to get involved with, it can also be a lot of fun for the right men and women. In this field, you can expect to work with metals like aluminum, copper, nickel, and unique alloys. You will also handle torch equipment that produces extreme heat and flames to melt metals and weld them together. It is important to wear the right thermoplastic helmets with face shields in this line of work, for safety reasons. This gear essentially protects your face and head from hot metal sparks.

You certainly need the right kind of training to work with metal fabrication, underwater welding, and torch equipment or tools. You can take welding classes and learn how to handle ironwork, heat metal, and focus on a specific spot with a torch in order to create a nice seam. You need to develop a good technique for welding metals and alloys together. In this field, you can work in the automotive industry and weld car parts, help manufacture metal products, or assist with building commercial bridge arcs. Many professional welders also handle ironwork, and create unique gates and railings. You may have to deal with propane or acetylene gas tanks in this field, which can be used on torch equipment to produce heat.

If you choose to work in the commercial and industrial welding business, you can expect to manufacture, build and repair a number of metal objects and structures. These fabrication processes often allow you to work with other welders.