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Tips for Selecting a Bar or Other Adult Entertainment Location
The following are some tips for when you are selecting a bar, cocktail lounge, night club, or other entertainment venue:

Tip #1: Pick the right atmosphere for you and your group
The first thing you need to consider when selecting a bar or other entertainment venue is what kind of place your group will be most comfortable in. Sports bars usually have snacks and will always have the big game on. Dance clubs are excellent for those who want to get up and move around rather than sit on bar stools all night. Essentially, you need to decide if you are out to socialize with each other or to enjoy music or live entertainment.

Tip #2: Know what accommodations your group needs
While a bar, tavern, or lounge need not have every possible accommodation, make sure it does have the ones that are important to your group. Wheelchair ramps are the most basic of accommodations. Seating, clean restrooms, and even food service are all important factors to take into consideration when selecting a venue for your night out. Entertainment options such as billiards tables and dart boards are always nice options for a place to have, too. If you’re out for someone’s birthday or other special celebration, you might want to take this tip a little further – it would be nice to make sure your bar or tavern has that person’s favorite beer or liquor in stock.

Tip #3: Never forget to stay safe
Safety is very important, especially when alcohol is involved. Always go to a tavern or club with a group of trusted friends. Carry only the necessities with you. Never leave your drink unattended. Finally, ensure that you and your friends have reliable transportation. You could assign a designated driver, or you could hire a taxi or a shuttle bus to come pick you up. One mistake while you’re out on the town could ruin the entire evening.

American Beverage Licensees
Whether its a bar or restaurant, our association represents licensed beverage retailers nationwide. We list all of the eating and drinking establishments that provide great service to customers.
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"There are not a ton of graphs on the site which I like because that just slows you down. There are thumbnail pictures of the home page of most sites. It would be nice if there were customer ratings of the various sites, but they do not have that functionality. ..."
2 reviews: *****
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1 review: *****
205 N 10th St, Columbia, MO 65201
(573) 449-6692 Write review for this local business

"There is no music on unless you go drop at least $.50 or $1 in the jukebox. ..."
The Upper Deck
1 review: *****
5951 N Wagon Trail Rd, Columbia, MO 65202
(573) 256-7917 Write review for this local business

"My friends and I were trying to find a place that allowed smoking since our city banned smoking and when we walked in the Upper Deck the bartender greeted us and made us feel welcome. We ordered several appetizers and they were outstanding and our waitress was very friendly and was on the ball. It was Texas holdem night and people of all ages and race were there and it was a very friendly and fun ..."
Dice Bar & Lounge
1 review: *****
300 W Mcdaniel St, Springfield, MO 65806
(417) 832-1105 Write review for this local business

"This place is really cool has a beautiful light show that changes the whole bar colors constantly. I really enjoyed it my boys got crazy with the shots and had a amazing night. I say go check it out and if you don't have fun then your not drinking good shots let the bartender at dice make you some amazing shots. I'm going this weekend see you at Dice Bar playas ..."
Karen's Place Write review for this local business
112 W Moniteau St, Tipton, MO 65081
(660) 433-7654  
Lucky's Place Write review for this local business
109 E Main St, Bunceton, MO 65237
(660) 427-5111  
Skipper's Bar & Grille Write review for this local business
33880 Ivy Bend Rd, Stover, MO 65078
(573) 372-9903  
Buffalo Cove Bar & Grill Write review for this local business
28517 Possum Trot Rd, Stover, MO 65078
(573) 377-4600  
Derringer's Bar and Grill Write review for this local business
507 N High St, California, MO 65018
(573) 796-4600  
Cannon Smoked Saloon Write review for this local business
100 Indian Lake Ave, Gravois Mills, MO 65037
(573) 374-2600  
Osage River Bar & Grill Write review for this local business
247 S Main St, Gravois Mills, MO 65037
(573) 374-3020  
Coconuts Carribean Beach Bar & Grill Write review for this local business
15208 Red Hollow Rd, Gravois Mills, MO 65037
(573) 372-6500  
Rocky Top Bar & Grill Write review for this local business
16384 Highway O, Gravois Mills, MO 65037
(573) 372-3399  
Traffic Jam Write review for this local business
27632 Highway Y, Eldon, MO 65072
(573) 392-8501  
Construction Site Bar and Gril Write review for this local business
473 Highway W, Eldon, MO 65026
(573) 365-1505  
Whittle's Bar & Grill Write review for this local business
108 S Maple St, Eldon, MO 65026
(573) 392-5900  
Deon's Bar & Grill Write review for this local business
137 Main St, Pilot Grove, MO 65276
(660) 834-3838  
End Zone Sports Bar & Grill Write review for this local business
3129 W Broadway Blvd, Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 829-3530  
Maggie's Bar & Grill Write review for this local business
416 Main St, Boonville, MO 65233
(660) 882-7242  
Bilingual In Home Assistance Services Write review for this local business
2700 W Broadway Blvd, Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 826-1100  
Carlos Write review for this local business
501 Main St, Boonville, MO 65233
(660) 882-6250  
Hair Saloon The Write review for this local business
1313 W 16th St Ste 3, Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 826-5222  
Main Street Pub Write review for this local business
316 Main St, Boonville, MO 65233
(660) 882-7882  
Ivory Grille Restaurant and Lounge Write review for this local business
317 S Ohio Ave, Sedalia, MO 65301
(660) 829-0060  

A night of downtown revelry can mean anything from dimly-lit piano karaoke lounges to raucous sports bars and grills. When choosing the best venue for you and your party, be sure to pose these questions.

  • Aside from your drink menu, what else does your bar have to offer?
    Karaoke, pool tables, sports on TV, trivia nights, jukeboxes, arcades, photo booths and dance floors are some of the more common types of fun amenities that drinking establishments offer. And then there are the more creative offerings, such as free manicures and mechanical bulls.

  • What kind of music do you play?
    Rap, disco, techno and pop are standard club fare, but many nightclubs also have live music and even theme nights, in case you’d like to do some salsa dancing or participate in an open mic. And if you don’t like a lot of noise, choose a cozy jazz bar.

  • What kind of drinks do you serve?
    Some taverns and pubs may specialize in microbrews. Dive bars may serve liquor but frown upon fancy cocktails such as martinis and expensive wines. And then there are establishments that only serve beer and wine, or specialize in whiskey.

  • Do you serve food?
    If you want to have dinner with your drinks, snack on tapas, or just enjoy some good old grill fare, find a bar that will accommodate you. Some bars will let you bring in food from restaurants and eat it there.

  • What is your clientele?
    Billiard halls in college towns may attract a mostly collegiate demographic, and swank, upscale cocktail lounges will pull in fancier, perhaps older types. Look for an establishment where you’ll feel comfortable and have the most fun.

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