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Questions and Answers About Paper Bags and the Environment

Environmentally conscious consumers have revolutionized the way groceries and other merchandise are carried. But for the casual environmentalist, the impact of paper and plastic bags on the environment is not something they think about often. Consumers who are interested in how their bag decisions impact may be interested in the answers to the following questions.

  • Why did grocery stores switch from brown paper bags to plastic?
    The original switch from brown paper bags to plastic grocery bags was driven by economics. Reusable plastic bags are cheaper to make and ship from overseas. Environmental concerns were, generally, not part of the decision.

  • What's so bad about plastic bags?
    The amount of energy and hazardous chemicals used in the making of plastic bags is a major concern for many environmentalists. Plastic biodegrades at a very slow rate once it winds up in a landfill.

  • Are paper bags bad, too?
    Yes, paper bags are pretty bad for the environment, too. The process for turning wood pulp into brown paper is not particularly Earth friendly. Although most people think that paper biodegrades very quickly, that isn't always the case for paper once it lands in the landfill. Reusable, heavy duty canvas bags are, far and away, the most environmentally friendly choice.

  • Brown paper bags were useful for lots of different household projects can I still get them if I need them?
    Paper bags have always had secondary uses as gift wrapping and lunch bags. Even though they're not handed out in grocery stores like they used to be, they are still available. Brown paper gift wrap is readily available at most discount stores or from online retailers.
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    Using paper bags over plastic bags can help you to do some good for the environment. Paper bags are easier to recycle, while plastic ones are not. While paper bags do come from trees, it is important to remember that plastic bags can lead to injuring animals, fish and even small children. Critters can swallow plastic bags or get their necks stuck in the carrier handles.

    When packing a school lunch for your child, a small kraft brown paper bag is a much better alternative than plastic if you don't have a reusable lunch container around.

    Paper bags continue to be dominant in many parts of the retail world. Many stores even spend valuable marketing dollars to come up with custom colors and logos to print across the bags that will carry their merchandise and products. High end stores sometimes make paper carriers that are so intricate that the bag is considered the gift wrapping.

    Standard grocery stores and wholesalers still give you the option to use brown paper bags. Their heavy duty bottoms make it easier to get your items to the car with out the bag ripping. Some shops have plain paper bags, while others may have the logo of some sponsors across them.

    Reusable paper based products can be handy around the house. You can use boxes and cellophane to store old items in the attic. You can also allow your children to cut up old paper bags and decorate them to make their own gift wrapping paper or crafts.

    Remember to always keep some extra paper bags in your kitchen cabinets. You never know when they will come in handy.