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Questions for Pest Control Equipment Sellers

Discovering that your home is also the home of several unsavory pests, such as termites, roaches, or rodents, can be disturbing. These pests can be unsanitary, spreading several diseases like salmonella, so they must be controlled, managed and exterminated. Often this means spending a lot of money on an exterminator, but if you have the right equipment and knowledge, you can often take care of the problem yourself.

  • What kind of problem do I have?
    The first step in managing pest control is knowing what kind of pest you are dealing with. Have you noticed flying termites that seem to be coming from your walls? Roaches in the kitchen? The scampering of something large in your attic? All these problems require different solutions.

  • What equipment do I need?
    A popular method for killing pests, particularly insects is insecticide. If you have a small problem, for example, ants that occasionally come into your house, you can just buy a spray can and use as needed. For larger insect problems, you made need to fumigate your home first. Fumigation sprays insecticide into the air for 24-72 hours, and kills most of the insects. If you have a larger pest problem, say rodents, you could also invest in traps. However, if the problem is larger than a rat, such a raccoon, it would be best to consult a professional.

  • Are these products safe for children?
    No. Most pest removal products and equipment either use poisons or insecticides that are toxic to both people and animals. For example, fumigation requires that the family leave the premises for several days to make sure they do not inhale the toxic fumes. However, more recently interest has grown in organic pest control, also called integrated pest control, which uses natural, non-toxic methods to manage pests.
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    Pest control is an issue for many societies. It is perhaps on of the greatest concerns for farmers.

    Pests can also be a public health issue. Mosquitoes, for example, carry numerous diseases including, malaria. Rodents also carry diseases. Humans can get both lice and fleas, and bed bugs are often an issue for hotels and motels.

    Because of this, various methods of pest control are used. Professionals sell their services to exterminate pests and fumigate rooms and buildings. To fumigate an entire house is definitely a job for a professional. Not all pest control and management kills or exterminates the pests directly. The use of toxic chemicals is often frowned upon and natural methods are becoming more popular and are used more often.

    Despite this, supplies include poisons and baits. Insecticides can cover a broad spectrum or can be designed to harm only a single species. Most pesticides are applied by spraying in either liquid or dust form. Spraying equipment ranges from hand held sprayers designed for home or office use to agricultural machinery. Pest management also includes inspecting buildings, gardens and fields for pests. Pesticides also include herbicides that are used to control weeds. Ants and cockroaches are often best controlled with poisons. Beetles vary by species.

    Traps are also sold. Mouse traps range from the traditional metal trap to live traps. Repellents are important. Bug spray that can be applied to the body, clothing and live stock sells well. Companies may also sell chemicals used to create soil barriers against termites. Many treatments work by reducing the reproductive capability of insects. Companies may also sell supplies of predators such as ladybugs.

    Bee removal is a specialty, as it is generally considered desirable to remove a honeybee colony alive. This is generally carried out by beekeepers, who require protective clothing and other equipment.