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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Maid or Housekeeper

If you are looking for a little help keeping your home or office clean, then hiring a maid or housekeeper might be the right solution for you. However, there are some questions you should initially ask to ensure a successful relationship.

  • Do you have any references?
    Before you trust a maid, housekeeper or cleaning company with access to your home or office, you need to ask for and check their references.

  • Do you do windows?
    It sounds like a cliche, but you do need to ask a maid or housekeeper if they are willing to do all of the chores you need completed. Do they wash laundry? How often are they willing to vacuum the carpet? The more communication you have about your expectations up front, the happier everyone will be.Windows, carpet stains, toilets, it all needs to be addressed up front.

  • How long will the job take?
    Whether the job is commercial or residential, make a list of all of the chores you need done and be specific about expectations. Are you allergic to dust? What about your bedroom? Should the bath get a good scrub each visit along with the sink? Then let the housekeeper give you an accurate estimate of how long the work will take. After that, you can begin to negotiate a fair price.

  • What kind of chemicals do you use?
    If your home or office has small children, pets, or you're simply concerned about chemicals, you might want to ask about whether the maid or housekeeper is willing to use green, natural cleaning products. Green cleaning products and household items, like vinegar for windows, are much less harsh but still disinfect, sanitize and deodorize. Maybe you prefer industrial strength chemicals. Do you hate the smell of mop and pine scent? Make sure the maid or housekeeper uses the products that you prefer.
    The company known for providing free estimates from licensed cleaning-services in Columbia. Saving you time, we pride ourselves on our vast network of Cleaners in Columbia & surrounding areas so we can obtain the best rates for you.
    Cleanstar National, Inc.
    If you're in need of serious commercial cleaning services, don't wait to call our local Columbia area company. With happy returning customers, you can't beat our preferred cleaning services.
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    Find Columbia Contractors To Bid On Your cleaning-services - Compare Bids & Save!
    International Janitorial Cleaning Service Assn.
    We advocate for the improvement and connection of cleaning services so that a customer is not left without a reliable service, and a good janitor isn't out of a job. Our members vary from a family business to corporations.
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    Labrador Paint & More
    Insured & licensed cleaners in Columbia! Providing residential & commercial painting service. Specializing in color consulting, interiors & exteriors, and all other cleaners. Quality & superior customer service is what we offer.
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    R S Cleaning Services Write review for this local business
    Lake Ozark, MO 65049
    (573) 964-5903  
    We are here to handle all of your cleaning needs. We offer residential, commercial, and industrial assistance. Our services include vacuuming, disinfecting, laundry, and much more.
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    1614 W Commercial St, Buffalo, MO 65622
    (417) 399-1884  
    Get your windows sparkling clean with our residential and commercial window washers! We use organic all-natural products to get your windows gleaming extra bright. Power washing offered!
    Quality Cleaning Services Write review for this local business
    7200 E Highway Ww, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 443-6920  
    Carlyle Cleaning Services Write review for this local business
    2100 E Broadway Ste 108, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 875-2779  
    Personal Touch Cleaning Service LLC Write review for this local business
    3600 S Rolling Hills Rd, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 256-1920  
    Etcetera Cleaning Service Write review for this local business
    2216 Country Ln, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 874-3115  
    Deluxe Carpet Cleaning Write review for this local business
    3910 Hyde Park Ave, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 443-1371  
    Gold Seal Painting Write review for this local business
    307 Glenstone Dr, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 529-1983  
    Moonlight Painting Write review for this local business
    10100 N Rte E, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 817-0656  
    Electro PRO Cleaning Systems Write review for this local business
    3715 W Sugar Tree Ln, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 474-2751  
    Clean Air Solutions Write review for this local business
    Columbia, MO 65201
    (888) 808-9273  
    Woodley Building Maintenance Write review for this local business
    506 Nichols St, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 256-1544  
    Columbia Janitorial Service Write review for this local business
    9530 E Bowling Ln, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 474-7506  
    Columbia Fence Co Write review for this local business
    2111 Umc Dr, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 441-9679  
    Cintas Facility Services of Columbia, MO Write review for this local business
    8771 E Columbus Ct, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 298-4280  
    Eco Friendly Cleaners Write review for this local business
    1008 Taft St, Columbia, MO 65201
    (573) 219-9077  
    A Columbia Heating & Cooling Write review for this local business
    1406 Po Box, Columbia, MO 65205
    (573) 449-0888  
    A Affordable Same Day Service Write review for this local business
    7352 Po Box, Columbia, MO 65205
    (573) 268-3766  
    Protouch Maintenance Company Write review for this local business
    10222 Po Box, Columbia, MO 65205
    (573) 449-8711  
    Tiger Maids Write review for this local business
    4803 Manhasset Dr, Columbia, MO 65203
    (573) 445-9999  

    Cleaning professionals can disinfect, deodorize, and remove stains from living or work spaces. Some services may not be necessary to contract out from others, particularly for residential homes. People running commercial or industrial buildings, on the other hand, will most likely have to hire professional cleaners to provide services their employees are unlikely to perform. When opening an office, owners should have already factored in the cost of a cleaning company's fees into their projections.

    An entire cleaning company may be equipped and prepared to perform any task necessary for restoring a space's naturally immaculate appearance and level of cleanliness. Conversely, cleaners can choose to specialize in specific activities. Entire services have wholly devoted themselves, for instance, just to vacuuming home and office carpeting. Similarly, other companies specialize strictly in laundry services, aimed at consumers who do not wish or cannot afford to buy their own machines.

    By contrast, maids and housekeepers can be expected to provide for a full range of cleaning-related activities. These commonly include scrubbing toilets and washing out stains from linen and carpeting. Housekeepers can also be asked to dust off windows. Maids may be tasked to sanitize bedrooms and bathrooms.

    Commercial and residential cleaners may cover the increased space they are confronted with by mopping an area, rather than washing individual items. In any event, cleaners' clients may want to do research to find the professionals best suited to their needs and temperament. For one, they might prefer cleaners committed to using green environmentally friendly materials. They may also prefer to provide for relatively simple tasks like dusting windows and cleaning items in sinks by themselves. Cleaning services can thus be engaged according to individual preference.

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