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Questions to Ask at a Window Tinting Shop

Car or home window tinting can have many benefits, but can also be costly. Before getting a custom window tinting job done on the glass of your house or automobile it is important to ask a lot of questions.

  • How much do you charge for installation?
    Prices can vary based on your metropolitan area and the size of the job.

  • What types of tinting film are available?
    Tinting film can come in a variety of colors, tones and protection levels.

  • What options are available for tinting the windshield and rear window of my car?
    Regulations vary by state when it comes to vehicle window tinting.

  • What is the price to have window tinting removed from my automobile?
    Removal can vary depending on how well the initial tint job was done and how long it has been on the vehicle's glass.

  • I want more privacy in my home. What are my options?
    There are security films designed specifically for buildings and houses.

  • What happens if my window tints bubble?
    Many companies have repair options and warranties.

  • Can a coating of film protect my car interior from UV rays?
    Many UV ray protective films are available and can protect your seats from fading.

  • What are solar guards?
    Solar guards are environmentally friendly window tints for houses and buildings. These coatings can help with insulation.

  • Your prices seem high. Another shop told me that they could do my side car windows for a much cheaper price. What do you do differently?
    Go with a company that can give you details about the tinting process. Sometimes spending a little extra cash is worth it because you will avoid dealing with bubbling and other problems down the line.
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    If you're thinking of window tinting and coating for your vehicle, find the right services through our association. Our members specialize in auto window tinting and coating services.
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    Professionals who install window tinting and coating are skilled in this area, and are able to apply various tinting applications on a wide range of vehicles, buildings, and homes. While no formal schooling is required, they may have taken a course or two to learn the art, or they may have simply learned on the job. This task takes a steady hand and an eye for detail. They must take their time, yet be efficient enough to satisfy the customer.

    Auto and home glass dealers sell tinting of all kinds, in addition to the windows and doors they sell. Technicians on staff can install and repair all sorts of tinting for vehicle glass, such as solar insulation window tinting for optimum protection. Automobile dealerships can also provide these services. They know the local laws and know how dark you can go with your auto tinting and coating. You may have to drop off your car and have the work done, or you may be able to wait while they apply the tinting to the rear and side windshields for privacy.

    Mechanics and body shop technicians are also qualified to apply window tinting for security or UV protection purposes. They can give customers price quotes on the type of film they need. After giving an estimate, they may proceed with the job if given the go-ahead. Whether you want to filter bright light in your car or deter intruders from your house, this process can be done cheaply. You will find a range of prices, and the above mentioned professionals can help you narrow down the selection. Window tinting and coating dealers online sell the necessary products and kits you need to install the tint yourself if you so choose.