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Selling vacuums for a living is a good sales job with a decent amount of potential. Like any sales position, it requires good customer service skills and an understanding of the product. Specifically for this sales job, a salesperson must understand everything there is to know about repairing and operating a vacuum.

When the vacuum is broken, it is up to the salesperson to help the customer find a solution. Through their training, they learn that the problem could be one of many things, including a broken filter, canister container, hose, tube, motor, suction cup, or a problem with the handheld device. They must also learn about the many different types of vacuums - cordless ones and those that plus into a socket. When the cleaner cannot be fixed, they should help their customer find a replacement.

A salesperson should also advise their clients of how to use these motorized cleaners. This is a big part of their job when customers come to shop for a sweeper system that cleans up dirt and dust from a a salesperson that uses low pressure sales tactics. A vacuum should pick up dust with the pressure of a cyclone. If it does not, it is the salesperson's responsibility to see to it that the customer either receives a replacement or to personally take the vacuum into the shop to have all parts repaired.

On the surface, this seems like an easy job, but there is more to it than most realize. They must also partially serve as a bill collector to ensure payments are made, advise customers of how to use their disposal to dump the dust collected, and make sure all attachments to the vacuum are included in the package.

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You need to find someone reliable and trustworthy who performs quality and timely work, so ask friends or family members for recommendations as to who they trust in the vacuum business. Vacuum cleaners consist of attachments, nozzles, motors, containers, bags, handles, tubes, hoses, filters, cyclone dust collectors, and disposal systems. Vacuums are great at sucking up dirt, dust and debris, but if used frequently, they may require repair or a replacement part once in a while. When interviewing potential vacuum cleaners repairing & parts companies, make sure you get quotes from a few different individuals or companies. Whether you go with a national franchise or a local company, ask for references and follow up. Inquire about cost of repairs or replacement parts for you broken vacuum cleaner, whether it involves the suction or filter system. To learn more about what you can do to keep your floors and furniture surfaces clean, do some research online. Check out information on vacuums and floor care, get reviews on vacuum equipment and repair companies that service commercial and residential machines, find out about any marketing specials or coupons on service, and get product reviews. Do some research and learn how cyclone vacuum systems vary from traditional bag systems, as well as how partial pressure works. Meet with a few vacuum cleaners repairing & replacement parts professionals to find out specific services and parts offered, as well as website and contact information. Make sure the office well maintained and clean, and chat with staff to get a sense of professionalism. Find out if the company is part of a local, national or international entity. Before choosing a company for vacuum cleaner repair and replacement parts, be sure to get contact information, hours, repair cost, parts, availability, reputation in the business, and location.