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Sports teams, the military and medical professionals all have something in common – each day before work, they don a uniform. The police, doctors, nurses, even cheerleaders will have uniforms that identify them with their occupation. These uniforms are expected to be fitted and may even come cheap, depending on the store you frequent. Certain uniforms are unisex, and can be used for men or women. These types of uniforms would be scrubs or jerseys. Football players, as well as soccer, baseball and basketball players use uniforms to distinguish teams – most mascots wear them too. Some children have to wear uniforms while attending school. Army persons and other military service people wear uniforms. Uniforms help distinguish individuals who keep different ranks or in completely different jobs. Chef’s will wear them to work, along with Navy and Army officers and teams of hazard clean-up professionals.

  • What is the purpose of uniforms?
    This helps develop a standard corporate image that will produce certain pride in those wearing it and influence those who see them dressed up.

  • Do all schools have dress codes?
    Most schools, whether private or public, will have certain expectations of their pupils to wear appropriate outfits, or even standardized clothes. Uniforms are used the world over to show they belong to an educational institution.

  • What service and work uniforms are there?
    There are many different versions of uniforms for workers. Retailers and blue collar employees will wear a certain dress, but still be able to express their individuality by picking their own colors and styles. Often times lifeguards, public transit workers and camp counselors will have over shirts and recommended styles of pants for their service uniform. Post workers as well as hotel employees and many other professionals, wear some type of uniform. Scrubs can be used for nurses in hospitals.
  • Assn. of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors
    Renewal and improvement is the goal of NAUMD, with the association promising better services and more value than had ever been experienced in the past. From uniforms to scrubs, we want to improve it all!
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    From tailors to clothing stores and costume shops, a wide range of occupations and fields involve themselves in making uniforms available for use. The professional requirements for creating uniforms derive, in part, from the status inherent in the work or occupation connoted.

    Branches of the military such as the army and navy, or the roughly comparable organization of the police, have special clothes made specifically for them. To avoid either legal penalties or professional setbacks, tailors and shops should only sell military and police uniforms directly to the army or other appropriate organization.

    The garment industry can more freely manufacture uniforms for people not be meaningfully identified by them if the occupations in question involve no special government clearance. Nurses' scrubs, doctors' outfits, and chef clothes, to name three examples, can be sold in costume shops without incurring societal disapproval or legal consequences. Medical organizations like hospitals often use generic clothes, such as scrubs for nurses, geared more toward practical concerns than aesthetics.

    The manufacture and sale of athletic outfits like cheerleader uniforms and sports team jerseys has a wide customer base, both among adults and children, but may involve intellectual property rights. Garment companies should look into licensing rights for basketball, soccer, baseball and football "brands." They can then help sports fans wear their favorite team's uniforms without fear of prosecution or litigation. School uniforms might be trademarked. More often, though, garment manufacturers make cheap and generic school uniforms recognizable as such only in specific locations.

    Men and women interested in ordering away for uniforms, whether for mascots, clubs, or other pursuits, could alternately contract out the work to individual tailors or large-scale companies. In any event, uniforms could serve an array of both practical and aesthetic functions.