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Designers of truss and beam systems must have extensive knowledge and training before entering into the field. Engineering and architecture students must obtain a college degree before working in the profession. Once in school, they are taught the many different forms and uses of truss and beam systems. For instance, they learn the basics of constructing two-dimensional plane trusses and multi-dimensional space trusses. Students also learn how to build truncated trusses, along with lattice, pitched, flat, bowstring and pratt trusses. Other commonly taught systems include king post trusses and parallel chord trusses. Most architects and engineers specialize in a specific area of truss construction. For example, they may focus on designing truss systems for bridges, hip roofs, theater stages, or office buildings. In addition to architects and engineers, construction workers must have considerable training in steel and wood truss systems.

Safety plays a very important part in the manufacturing of steel and wood trusses. Before selling their new and used products, manufacturers and wholesale suppliers must have their materials certified by Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLS). These are private organizations sanctioned by state and local authorities, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which certify the structural soundness of truss frames. Once certified, wholesalers can sell and ship their premium and discounted products to customers around the world.

From constructing roofs, to building bridges and buildings, many of our commonly used structures depend on the expert assemblage of truss systems by engineers and construction professionals. They serve an indispensable role in towns and cities across the globe.

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There are many different types of trusses that you can purchase from manufacturers and wholesalers that you can use with your construction projects. Some trusses use many different chords that you can string together as pitched and parallel. Unless you are an engineering or architecture expert, you might not know much about the beams, lattices, pratts, posts, king, hip, flat, bow, and truncated trusses that you can use to build bridges, roofs, floors, and homes. By following these guidelines you should be able to find a manufacturer or wholesale supplier that can give you all of the new and used wood and metal truss products and services that you need. When you contact the construction supply company, ask them how long they have been in business. You will want to choose a manufacturer or wholesale distributor with many years of experience because they will be able to help you pick the right plane truss for the space of the construction project that you are working on. Ask them what types of materials they use to make their construction trusses. You might find that some of them only build new wood and metal products, but others can give you a discount for using used materials that can be quite sturdy as long as your roof or bridge is designed correctly and is not expected to carry an extremely large amount of weight. Ask the company for a list of references. This is often the best way to determine if they are really reliable.