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Important Terms to Know About Trailer Equipment and Parts
Those who love to go camping in the warm weather may hit up campgrounds in their area or travel far and wide to get access to amenities such as pools and recreational areas. Campers aren’t the only things that trailer equipment and parts dealers sell. They also offer hitches, flatbed, cargo beds, tires and wheels. You can order special parts and equipment for your trailer by visiting a dealer that specializes in these items. You’ll need the proper hitches, mounts, tow bars and more to haul your trailer or camper and to keep it in good working condition. Keep these important terms in mind when it comes to trailer equipment and parts.

Fifth Wheel Coupling: Connects a semi-trailer and towing truck or leading trailer.

Belly: The body of the trailer.

Slant Load: A method of placing horses in a trailer diagonally.

Straight Load: When horses are placed facing front when loaded onto a trailer.

Stacker: A term used to describe cars loaded or stacked on two levels within a race car trailer.

Toy Hauler: A trailer with a back ramp door with sufficient cargo space to fit motorcycles, ATVs or other recreational toys that you may want to take with you.

Cargo Weight: Cargo’s allowable weight, which can be determined by subtracting the empty weight of the trailer. You can obtain this from the trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, GVWR.

Bumper Pull: Also called a tag along or drag trailer, this refers to a trailer that connects to a ball hitch attached to the frame or bumper of the tow vehicle.

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We specialize in carrying high quality and affordable trailer equipment and parts for all types of vehicles. Be sure to contact our trailer equipment and parts for more information.
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It’s hard to learn all about trailers if you’ve never owned or used one. You may have numerous questions about a specific model. To safely operate a trailer, it’s important to get all the facts before you touch that hitch. For the novice or the experienced towing guru, these are a few questions you should ask.

  • What extra equipment do I need?
    Even when the sale is done, there are probably extra parts you’re going to need to actually use your trailer. Certain types require different hitches, and you might discover your truck needs an alteration. Ask your salesman about the equipment specifications so you know what parts to pick up ahead of time or if in need of a repair.

  • Do I have enough towing power?
    If all you have is a single-axle boat trailer, you probably won’t need much beyond your standard SUV to tow it. However, many campers and other utility trailers need extra towing power. Calculate the weight of your trailer along with its cargo and compare it to the specifications of your vehicle, even if it’s a flatbed. Do this before the sale, or else you may find yourself shopping for a new truck.

  • Do I need a special license or permit?
    While you won’t need special permission to tow your boat to the lake for a weekend getaway, larger freights will require and extra permit. It may require you to take a training course and exam.

  • How much can I expect to pay?
    A single-axle typically is less expensive than a double-axle. For a horse trailer, ask yourself if you want living and storage quarters. Shop and compare extensively and competitively, as prices for different trailer types varies widely. For repairs, ask local auto repair businesses for estimates.

  • Should I get insurance on my trailer?
    For campers, equestrians, and businesses that rely on their flatbed, the answer here is yes. Gather insurance quotes on expensive trailers for storm damage, theft, and most importantly, on-road accidents.