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Important Terms to Know About Tractor Equipment and Parts
Need parts and equipment for your tractor? From pedals and tow hitches to levers and switches, you’re in luck when you visit tractor dealers for these items. Whether you intend to replace the part yourself or hire a mechanic to do it, there are many options available to you when it comes to tractor parts and equipment. Check out these important terms to keep in mind in your search:

Drawbar: A solid coupling utilized when a vehicle is hauling a load. Located between the vehicle and the load, this coupling is commonly seen in agricultural equipment as well as industrial and recreational equipment.

Ballast Tractor:A road vehicle that hauls heavy loads by pushing or pulling them via a drawbar.

Chisel Plow: Tool used for deep tillage with the least disruption to the soil. It helps to loosen or aerate the soil, leaving behind crop residue at the top.

Cultivator: A farm implement that features teeth that drag through the soil on a linear basis or rotary basis, such as with that of a rotary tiller.

Hydraulic Machine: Tools that utilize liquid fluid power for work. The fluid is sent through the machine to hydraulic motors and cylinders, becoming pressurized and controlled by a variety of valves. It is then sent through hoses and tubes to create power.

Traction Engine:Steam engine that can move heavy loads or low through ground. Also called road locomotives.

Wheel Tractor Scraper: Heavy equipment used for the purposes of moving earth, featuring a hopper that can be raised and lowered hydraulically.

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Some men and women handle surplus tractor supplies, equipment, and replacement parts for a living. This is a large industry these days, and countless farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and construction workers rely on this kind of machinery daily. It is commonly used for areas concerning agriculture and planting, lawn care, and clearing lots for building new homes with. Some of these surplus supplies may include loader tools, planter machinery, heavy tires, mower wagons, and compact garden plows. When you sell this new tractor equipment and parts to smaller dealers or major farmers, you will often do so in bulk at lower prices.

It is important to know as much information as you can about tractor engines, hydraulic parts for excavators, grass cutting lawn mowers, and crop plows when you work in this business. After all, many professionals implement these tools and machines into their daily work routines. While one client may need assistance with acquiring a number of loader machines and backhoes, another might need help with buying several diesel engines for farming plows. This industry includes a variety of brand names, lawn care tools, garden planters, and replacement parts for large tractors. It is also your job to know what type of equipment and supplies will suit the client best based on the data they provide you. This way you can sell them the right surplus tractor equipment and parts.

You are most likely to work with all sorts of tractor dealers, major farmers, ranchers, and construction professionals when you work in this surplus industry.