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Questions to Ask Tire Distributors

Having the right size, tread and quality of tire on your car’s wheel can make a big difference in its safety and driving abilities. Tire dealers and stores which distribute tires will have the information and training to find the best fit for your vehicle. There are a variety of tires available for cars, trucks, SUVS and more. Here are some questions to ask at a tire dealer to ensure you get the best tires for your automobile.

  • How can I tell when it is time to upgrade my used tires for new ones?
    When the tread, which is the rubber of the tire which actually hits the pavement, begins to wear down and become smooth it is time to get some new tires for better traction and driving. The tires on your vehicle or truck wear at different rates because weight is distributed unevenly across your car which means you rarely have to replace all four tires at once.

  • What is the best size tire for my car’s wheels?
    The correct tire size will be designated in your automobile’s owner’s manual. If you choose to change your wheels or rims for a more custom style then you will require a different size tire which can be fitted by a professional.

  • Besides size, what else is important to consider when shopping for tires?
    It is important to consider what the weather is like where you drive as well as the conditions of the road. If you drive on gravel roads regularly, all terrain tires are recommended. Winter season tires are also available for safer driving in snow, sleet and ice. Additional considerations include the size of your rims and more.

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    519 Diagonal St, Clarkston, WA 99403
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    1515 Main St, Lewiston, ID 83501
    (208) 743-9509  
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    410 N Fancher Rd, Spokane, WA 99212
    (509) 535-7782  
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    7225 E Sprague Ave, Spokane, WA 99212
    (509) 924-9999  

    Anyone who works in the tire distributing industry needs to have keen business sense and negotiating sense, along with strong communication skills. They should know the ins and outs of dealing with customers like retailers, auto mechanics, and dealerships on a regular basis, coordinating sales, warehouse logistics, and distribution.

    Tire distributors and wholesalers should also have extensive knowledge of all types of tires, such as those for truck, motorcycle, SUV, boat, and trailer wheels. Even bicycle wheels need the proper tires. The tread is a big component of tires, and professionals should know which treads are right from which types of cars. Any tires sold should boast safety guarantees and warranties.

    Services offered by tire distributors include custom products and equipment, direct from manufacturer discounts, online ordering and account management, and 24/7 customer support. Some distributors offer repair, installation, delivery, and set-up. Warehouse logistics is a big part of any operation. Professionals must coordinate the distribution of motorcycle, truck, and high performance auto wheel tires to all sorts of customers on a regular basis.

    Many tire distributors offer online convenience for clients, allowing them to browse a range of sizes of all terrain and custom tires in full color. Websites also allow customers to manage their transactions virtually, all from the comfort of their business office. If need be, customer service representatives should be on hand for phone calls, to take orders and provide information for clients. So, excellent customer care and telephone skills are important as well.

    Keeping cars and other autos safe on the roadways is paramount. That's why any reputable tire distributor should boast the highest quality products available at affordable prices.