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If you own a pool and need it cleaned or repaired and you don’t have the time to do it yourself, then hiring an outside service is your best bet. These swimming pool maintenance men also treat the water in hot tubs as well. If you employ one of these services, then you might want to ask the questions presented here in order to get a definite answer on anything that you can still do to keep your pool in good shape.

  • Is there anything I can do to reduce the amount of cleaning my pool needs?
    There are several things that can be done that will make the pool require fewer chemicals less often, however, not significantly. Using a pool cover to prevent things such as bird droppings, leaves and insects, and a range of other unpredictable objects is the best thing you can do for your pool, but it won’t stop the pool from needing cleaning.

  • Do I need to use potentially harmful chemicals like chlorine to clean my pool?
    Simply put, chlorine is the best cleaning agent for pools out there. There are pools that utilize a system called “salt water chlorination” which drastically reduces the amount of chlorine needed to cleanse the pool by using it more efficiently.

  • Is there a way to prevent my pool liner from cracking?
    The most common liner in the business is vinyl and, due to its sensitivity to heat, will crack eventually. It can be treated and well maintained, though, in order to give it a bit more longevity. If it does crack, it can likely be repaired by patching over it with a coating of epoxy or plaster. This goes for hot tubs as well as swimming pools. The only crack that cannot be patched up is one that is done to the foundation.
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    Plenty of experts work in the swimming pool service and repair business. This line of work often means dealing with an assortment of in ground pools and above ground hot tubs. Most individuals who own a swimming pool or spa, know that they must keep the water clean for safety reasons, and the heat pump operating properly. Handling repairs and maintenance in this field can be a lot of fun. You can certainly expect to deal with different types of chlorine chemicals that are added to keep water clean, epoxy glues that can be used to repair plaster tiles, and certain cleaning tools that are needed to scoop leaves out of pools.

    There is some basic training that is often needed when you work for a swimming pool cleaning and repair service. For instance, you need to know how to properly drain a pool, replace the water, add the right amount of chlorine chemicals, and repair the heat pump if it is needed. In this line of work, you may also need to replace hot tub filters, repair fiberglass spas, and add vinyl covers to swimming pools. While you may use epoxy products to seal the tiles on swimming pool floors, you may also need to supply some hot tub owners with replacement water heat pump equipment at times.

    In this line of work, you may often deal with residential homeowners who have personal swimming pools and hot tubs in their hoes or on their properties. You may also deal with some pools and spas located in hotels and motels.