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Guidelines for keeping sewers and drains clean

Replacing sewer and drain lines can be costly. A septic tank system overhaul can often run into the tens of thousands of dollars. That is why it is so important as homeowners that sewer pipes and drain lines are kept clean. Often homeowners are unaware that they are ruining their drains until it is too late. The following are guidelines for keeping your drainage systems clean.

  • Never put oil, grease or fat down the drain
    Kitchen sinks often get clogged with the sludge left behind by these fatty substances. They can also eventually corrode and block the main lines, leading you into paying for costly repairs. This is especially true if you have a septic tank system.

  • Never put toxic chemicals down the drain
    Another way to destroy drain lines is by dumping chemicals down them. Furthermore, especially in small rooms like the bathroom, if you repeatedly dump chemicals down the sink they may mix together and cause a toxic reaction. If you are trying to clean out the drain, use supplies that are made for drains. These supplies won't adversely affect the drains the way other chemicals would.

  • If the cleaning job proves difficult, call a plumber.
    Some pipes are more delicate than others, and trying to force a snake into a pipe that won't go could possibly damage the pipe. If a clog proves too difficult to fix yourself, the best idea is to use a licensed professional.

  • If the problem keeps recurring, call a plumber
    If this is the third time this month a drain has backed up, instead of trying to fix it again, it may be time to call a plumber. The problem may be much deeper than a clogged drain. Delaying problems can lead to expensive repairs.
    If you're looking for professional sewer and drain cleaning in the area, don't hesitate to give us a visit.

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    Becoming a plumber or drain cleaning contractor can be a very rich and rewarding profession. Many workers in this field get great satisfaction from helping people fix and repair their pipes and drains. Workers must have a strong work ethic and have experience fixing a wide variety of drains. Many professionals specialize in residential and commercial drain cleaning. Plumbers must often maintain kitchen and bathroom fixtures in residences as well as in office buildings. For instance, they must regularly fix and repair toilets, showers and many other appliances. In addition, infrastructures such as septic tanks and sewer lines are regularly checked and maintained by these workers as well. Since these materials can often burst unexpectedly, plumbers are often required to be available for emergency situations.

    Many different techniques are involved in fixing and cleaning drains and sewers. Workers must regularly unclog blocked pipes. In addition, they must often inspect leaks in drainage vents. Once detected, plumbers typically use special tools to patch and repair them. Since repairing and maintaining these systems requires many parts and supplies, plumbers must also establish relationships with supply companies. Therefore, a plumbing company often prefers to hire workers with strong communication skills. Plumbers must be able to properly and efficiently order a wide variety of needed supplies from hardware stores and wholesale distributors.

    In the United States, licensing and certification requirements vary based on different jurisdictions. Some sates require plumbers to have special operating licenses before being allowed to join the workforce. Overall, most plumbing companies require their workers to undergo apprenticeships and workshops before entering the work field. From restoring sinks to maintaining sewers and septic tanks, these workers are essential to ensuring homes and businesses are able to function properly.