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Questions You May Want to Ask if You're in the Market for a Security System

If you own your own home or office, you probably think a lot about the safety and security of your residential or commercial building. You probably also think a lot about the various security and surveillance systems on the market today. Maybe you have even asked yourself questions such as these:

  • What does a security system do, exactly?
    Security systems, along with alarm systems and monitoring systems, are designed to suit the individual needs of their owners. Most of these systems are designed to detect fires, burglars, intruders, and other threats.

  • How will these security systems keep me safe?
    Many of these systems are equipped with surveillance and monitoring equipment like cameras and video recorders. Owners have constant access to their cameras and videos and they are thereby able to control and detect what happens inside their homes. Many of these systems also come equipped with motion detectors. You'll want to contact the support staff of the surveillance company you're working with to see how the company intends to keep you safe.

  • Are these security systems noticeable?
    Many security systems are now wireless, making them hard to see. They can easily be installed above windows and doors. They can also be installed in homes, offices, garages, and cars. They aren't especially noticeable, and they offer unprecedented direct protection against burglars and other intruders.

  • How expensive are these security systems?
    It's hard to say exactly how much a security system might cost. Simple alarms are usually inexpensive. Motion detectors and cameras can be a little more expensive. You'll want to contact the support staff of the company you're working with to ask them about their prices.
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    When choosing a security system for your home, car or office, there are a few questions to ask the residential security company. Find out how long the company has been in business and what other customers think of their reliability, surveillance and protection. Ask about licensing, such as an alarm contractor license if it is required by your state. You also want a security company that is bonded and insured with employees that are background checked for adequate protection and support.

    Find out whether the security company rents or sells their systems outright and what is included in the total cost. Basic components like monitors, a central control unit, motion detectors for doors and windows and alarms should be standard features, while surveillance video cameras, fire alarms and garage alarms may cost extra. If you are going to use a security monitoring service, that will also come with a monthly fee. Wireless security systems are popular, but they also tend to be more expensive.

    If you purchase a system that is connected to residential phone lines, keep in mind that lines that are easy to access can be cut directly before the burglar enters the home. Secured underground phone lines can be a better deterrent for intruders and burglars. Security systems should also include strong locks for the windows, doors and garage to act as additional deterrents against burglars. If you choose to go with a security system that is not monitored, it will be up to your neighbors to alert police with the alarms and lights go off. The video cameras inside the home will also pick up images of the burglar. The cost of these systems varies, but all provide protection and peace of mind that make them a good value.