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Questions to Ask a Sandblasting Company

If you need to hire a company to perform sandblasting, also known as abrasive blasting, it is likely you’re in unfamiliar territory. There is far more to this field than most people assume. Professionals in this industry are typically versed in a variety of related disciplines, from anodizing aluminum to powder coating. It’s best to keep a few pertinent questions and considerations in mind when you contact a sandblasting company.

  • Is a permit required?
    Many cities require a permit before any sandblasting operations can legally take place. Standards vary by locale, but you need to ask whether one is required and who, either you or the company, will be responsible for getting it.

  • How much will it cost?
    Try to get an estimate before any work is done. The kind of machines and equipment will factor into this, as well as the type of abrasive used, such as glass beads or baking soda. The company may also add charges for travel expenses. In this case, you might want to travel to them if possible. For instance, if you want sandblasting performed on your car—which can be expensive due to the difficulty involved—it may be wise to drive it to them.

  • Is sandblasting safe?
    Sandblasting companies should be skilled in avoiding damage, but if the job involves any materials that may sustain harm, such as delicate wood, you should voice your concerns. This may also be a good time to ask whether the company is insured and bonded, in the event that your property is damaged.

  • What range of services do you provide?
    Professionals in this field should be familiar with the range of machines and equipment used. They should be aware that different conditions call for different methods, including sodablasting, hydro-blasting, and various others. Many professionals in this field are also adept in powder coating and anodizing.
    Consider our company if you're on the search for sandblasting specialists you can depend on to provide quality service.

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    There are plenty of experts working in the sand blasting business as contractors and industrial workers. These experts deal with commercial buildings, residential homes, and a variety of product surfaces. As a professional in this line of work, it is important to know about abrasive grit materials, portable equipment, paint removal, and surface restoration. You may be hired to clean graffiti from a building wall, wash build-up off of a boat, assist with home restoration, or etch and carve into glass.

    As you already know, there are many jobs that call for proper schooling before you can get started. This often means going to a university for two to four years. However, there is no degree required for sand blasting. Then again, there is some serious training involved with this field. The training will help you learn more about powder grit, metal surfaces, equipment rental, cabinet stain removal, and abrasive organic materials for sand blasting. You will also learn more about ways to compress dust and debris, use various sand blaster nozzles, and protect yourself from the tools with proper attire. There is more to this field than cleaning paint from homes and buildings.

    While working in this business, you are likely to encounter a variety of other contractors and builders. In fact, you may end up working with construction crews, building contractors, roofers, electricians, and industrial teams at times. It all depends on the branch of sand blasting you are working in, and what particular project you are working on at the time.