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Questions to Ask about Roofing Materials

On average, the roof of a home or building will need to be fixed about every ten years. There are several ways to deal with repairs: You can try to do the job yourself, you can hire a contractor, or you can try to build or replace a roof yourself. But before you make a decision, there are some key considerations you should think about regarding roofing supplies.

  • Should I hire someone to do the job?
    You can save money by installing or patching up your roof by yourself, but a badly done job might cost you more in the long run. Certain types of roofing materials, such as steel, can be difficult to install and may be best left to professionals.

  • What is the slope of my roof?
    It is vital to calculate the roof pitch, the numerical grade referring to the degree a roof slopes, because this will partly determine what supplies you should buy. For example, low slope or nearly flat roofs tend to suffer rain damage because water runs off it less quickly than on a roof with a steeper slope. In this case, you should opt for water-resistant materials.

  • What kind of shingles should I use?
    Many people choose shingles based purely on their visual effect, but these materials differ in their function as well as their look. Wood shingles tend to be popular among people who want a traditional appearance, but they can pose a fire hazard, especially if the materials are improperly treated. Asphalt shingles are attractive because of their low cost, but they can deteriorate easily in warm climates. You may also opt for a metal roof, which is often made of steel or aluminum. Metal roof sheeting is valued for its durability and insulation properties, but it can be expensive.
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    Over time your roof can be damaged by weather conditions. The extent of the damage can depend on what part of the country you live in. Repairs may be required as a result of normal wear and tear or from a severe weather situation like a tornado or hurricane. Periodic maintenance is needed to ensure the integrity of your covering.

    Your home is an investment, so chose your building materials carefully. There are many choices available in supplies, such as self-stick aluminum surfaces or rubberized asphalt which might be used for a flat surface. Steel and copper are sturdy metals that can be used in construction. A pitched or sloping roof might have wood shingles. Slate tile shingles are longer lasting, more so than wood, but they're also more expensive. Steel is sturdy but pricey. You may be able to save some money by finding wallboard or sheet rock at wholesale prices.

    If you are using a contractor don't be afraid to ask questions about the cost of supplies and labor. The types of materials used in construction can make or break a building project, especially the grade of the metal. Make sure that your home maintains the proper amount of insulation with the new covering.

    With a little research you should be able to find a long lasting solution that meets your needs. A quality job will help protect your family and your investment. By being prepared you will be able to weather whatever storm may come your way. This could be a severe thunderstorm or maybe even a family of squirrels who want to make a home in your attic.