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Tips for Commercial and Industrial Sales and Service of Refrigeration Equipment
When your refrigerator breaks down, you'll very likely need to replace some individual parts rather than purchase a new unit. However, if your refrigerator has multiple failures, then buying a whole new model might be necessary. Here are a few tips to remember when shopping for a commercial refrigerator, commercial freezer, walk-in cooler or other refrigeration equipment:

Tip #1: Investigate all brands of commercial refrigerators.
Like most products, some refrigerator manufacturers are reputable, and some aren't. Some have long histories; some haven't. Some receive predominately positive reviews; some don't. You can research the brand by visiting consumer report websites and asking repair services which brands and models have the fewest problems. Also, different brands are more suited to different needs. Research which brands feature products with strengths that best suit your needs.

Tip #2: Consider the placement of the condensing unit.
Both bottom mounted and top mounted condensing units have their benefits. Bottom mounted condensing units are more likely to collect dirt and debris, but the bottom shelf of the cooler is more easily accessible. Top mounted condensing units, on the other hand, don't attract as much debris.

Tip #3: Measure both the internal and external dimensions of your refrigerator.
Just because the new unit takes up as much external space as the old unit, that doesn't mean that the internal dimensions are comparable. Make sure that the refrigerator has the appropriate storage capacity.

Tip #4: Read the terms of the factory warranties.
Obviously, warranties that provide long term coverage of all parts and defects are more desirable than limited, specialized warranties, but the service network is just as important. If the company that manufactures the refrigeration unit has a small service network, then that might mean long wait times for repairs.

Tip #5: Check with your refrigerator's manufacturer or distributor before buying off brand parts.
The manufacturer of your commercial refrigerator will prefer you buy their parts, but if those parts are on back order or if you have a discontinued older model, always ask the manufacturer which parts will work best with your refrigeration unit.

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Many commercial companies and restaurants utilize industrial refrigeration equipment every day. After all, walk in freezers, reach in refrigerators, and even mini bar refrigerating units are needed for many tasks. Before you choose to purchase a refrigeration unit or hire a service to repair yours, you should consider making the inquiries that are listed below.

  • What types of commercial or industrial refrigeration equipment do you offer?
    More than likely, you have a specific type of deep freezer unit, mini fridge, or stainless restaurant kitchen unit in mind. Inquire about the types and brands the dealer offers in order to better determine if they have what you need. Do this up front to save some time.

  • Do you offer specific parts or equipment for refrigerating units?
    If you have a specific reach in refrigerator in your restaurant kitchen or commercial business, you may need a particular part in order to repair it. Find out if the business or distributor offers the part you are after.

  • What rates do you charge for refrigeration equipment?
    As you may know, there are many types, sizes and brands of refrigerators and freezers to select from. If you have a specific unit in mind, inquire about the price. Then ask a few other dealers about the prices they charge in order to compare, and get the best deal.

  • Do you sell catering refrigerators and compact cooling equipment?
    If you own or work for a catering business, then you may need specific mini fridges or mobile refrigeration units that can be transported with ease. While some dealers will offer these cooling and freezing units, others will not. Therefore it is beneficial to inquire over the phone.