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Important Terms Relating to Plumbing Fixtures and Supplies
The following are some important terms relating to plumbing fixtures and supplies:

ABS: ABS, or aristocraft brimstone styrene, is a firm, black plastic. This is a commonly used material for certain pipes in a plumbing system, such as the drain, vent, and waste lines.

Adapters: Adapters are extremely important fittings that are used to connect different pipes. ABS tubes would need an adapter in order to connect with iron pipes.

Anode Rod: Anode rods are often placed in hot water heaters and other metal tanks to help prevent internal corrosion. This is a simple but typically effective tool for increasing the life of that particular tank.

Check Valve: In any plumbing system, backflow is a concern. Backflow is when soiled water or waste materials are allowed to flow back in with the unsoiled water. A check valve is a plumbing supply that prevents backflow by only allowing water in a system to move in one direction.

Diverter: Diverters are valves in a plumbing system. They are used to send water to different outlets, such as to your bathroom’s shower, sink, and toilet.

Gate: A gate controls the flow of water in many plumbing systems. This device is often found in a plumbing pipe, tube, or conduit.

Pressure Tank: Pressure tanks are essential for retrieving water from a well.

Stack: The stack is the main, vertical pipe of your plumbing system. The stack can reach one or more stories, and it is used in the waste, vent, and drain system.

Trap: A trap is an important, curved part of a drain line that keeps sewer odors in the drain system. Toilets have S traps, while all other plumbing fixtures have P traps.

Usable Storage: The term usable storage applies to hot water heaters. This is how much of the tank’s water can actually be used before the temperature drops too low to still be deemed hot.

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If you're interested in hiring a plumber to repair a leaky pipe or some loose fittings in your home, you'll want to have a few questions prepared for them to insure the quality of their work:

  • Do you typically work in residential or commercial buildings?
    Some plumbers spend most of their time in people's homes, fixing clogged shower drains, and leaky faucets or bits of tubing. Other plumbers prefer to work on heavy duty commercial projects. You'll want to know what sort of work environment your plumber prefers.

  • Do you buy your supplies and fixtures wholesale?
    Many plumbers buy the pipes, tubing, fittings, and pieces of steel they use along with other supplies and fixtures from wholesale retailers. They are often able to buy these products for far less when they buy them wholesale and they are thereby able to charge you, as a customer, less for their work.

  • Do you bring your own tools?
    Every experienced plumber brings his own tools with him when he works. A good plumber will have everything he needs to fix your sink, toilet, or shower in his tool belt, and he shouldn't need to ask you to borrow anything. So, if a plumber asks you to loan him any of your tools, he probably isn't the best man for the job.

  • Do you also work on heaters?
    Many plumbers are also willing and able to fix your gas or hot water heaters. So if you're having problems with your heater, you may want to ask your plumber to fix it too. An experienced plumber ought to be able to work with a variety of heating and cooling systems.