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Questions to Ask About Lawn Installation & Maintenance

Quality lawn care and landscaping adds about 15 percent to a home’s value. There is more to lawn maintenance than keeping the grass mowed, and it starts with sound installation. These questions will get you started.

  • Should I use seed or sod?
    Sod is more expensive because the work has already been done to create mature turf. Once you sod, you have an instant lawn. Seeding give you more grass choices, but takes time to grow in. You have to be really careful about performing installation in the right weather conditions when you use seeds, and some other tricky factors come into play as well, such as rain, which can cause the seeds to spread erratically, and vulnerability to weeds. Sod is optimal for sloping landscapes. Seed requires more upfront maintenance, but after it’s established, the work that goes into keeping your lawn green and lush is about the same.

  • What tools, equipment and supplies do I need to install my lawn?
    You can always hire a contractor to perform installation, but it isn’t incredibly complicated to do it yourself so long as you have the right tools. You will need a tape measurer, a razor knife, safety goggles, a rototiller, a rake, a shovel, a roller, starter fertilizer and a mower.

  • Should I have an irrigation system installed?
    Hiring a contractor to install a sprinkler system is costly but will improve your home's value. It will also save you the time it takes to work out a watering system and actually get it done on a regular basis. Your landscape itself plays into this decision. If you have planted areas or a garden, an irrigation system can really make your life less complicated. But if you have a lot of trees in your yard, the roots may eventually destroy that expensive system.
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    There are plenty of landscapers and lawn care professionals who deal with sod installation, turf seeding, garden maintenance, and yard mowing these days. In fact, this is a big business that draws in a lot of customers all over the United States. If you enjoy green grass, lawn maintenance, plant care, and tree trimming, then this is a good line of work to get involved with. Many landscaping contractors and yard care experts can make a good living in this field. Furthermore, there are opportunities for landscapers all over America at this point.

    Although you do not require a university education to get started as a landscaping professional or lawn installation contractor, it certainly pays to know a great deal about botany and landscape design. After all, in this line of work you will consistently come in contact with fertilizers, irrigation systems, weeds, tree trimming tools, and water sprinkler equipment. It is important to understand how the weather or climate in your area affects trees and grass so that you can assist your customers. As a lawn maintenance contractor, you will need to provide clients with the right fertilizing supplies to keep their yards looking great. You will also need to use trimming and mowing tools to maintain various commercial and residential lawns. As you are probably aware, it is crucial to know how to properly install sod in this business, which is something many customers will need.

    As a professional landscaper or lawn maintenance contractor, you will often deal with plenty of residential homeowners, as well as commercial business managers.