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Tips for Choosing Glass Products and Services
Glass products can range from safety glass and auto glass to mirrors and shower doors. Glass services can range from replacement to repair to installation. Whether you need your window, door, windshield or tabletop glass fixed, you can enlist the help of glass products and services technicians. These professionals can help get your life back on track by quickly servicing your glass needs. Check out these tips for choosing glass products and services:

Tip #1: Choose a Timely, Convenient Service
One major factor to consider in your search is a glass repair service that can get to your home or office quickly to provide mobile on-site service, preferably within a few hours or at least within the day. Many promise to do just that, showing up at your office parking lot, for instance, to repair a chipped car windshield. Since you can’t have a cracked windshield or broken shower door for long, due to safety reasons, timely service is a major component of your search.

Tip #2: Choose Top Quality Over Affordability
While we all like to save money when we can, getting replacements for your auto glass, shower door glass and tempered glass is not where you want to scrimp on the price tag. If you can, always go with quality glass over cheaper glass, because you want a durable, long lasting product that’s above all, safe. Most companies offer a wide range of qualities when it comes to frosted, beveled, laminated, safety and block glass.

Tip #3: Look for an All-Around Glass Company
Choosing a glass repair service that provides a wide range of offerings is ideal so you don’t have to fill in the gaps hiring other professionals to complete your required services. Choose a company that offers everything from sales and installation to repair and glass replacement, all under one roof for your convenience.

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Glass can be found in innumerable products and utilities. Windows, mirrors, decorative tiles, windshields and shower doors are only a few of the items that are made out of or contain glass elements, and all of these items can be purchased from glass products and services companies. Here is a list of terms for the various types of glass products offered by such companies:

Tempered Glass: A form of safety glass made by a thermal tempering process. Glass is heated in a furnace to above its annealing point and rapidly cooled. This process toughens the glass and causes it to crumble into small granules rather than shatter into shards when broken. Car windows, shower doors and baking dishes are made from tempered glass.

Beveled Glass: Blown glass with edges that have been cut around the periphery into angles. The prism effect in the cut angles creates a rainbow spectrum of colors when light is refracted through the glass. Beveled glass is used in decorative glass window applications.

Laminated Glass: Glass that has been treated with a layer of polyvinyl butyral to inhibit separating into separate pieces when broken. Laminated glass is used in car windshields.

Stained Glass: Decorative glass that has been painted on the inner surface with a copper or lead based glass paint and then mounted in lead window frames.

Frosted Glass: Glass that transmits light but has inhibited transparency. The frosted effect is achieved by either sand blasting, acid etching or applying vinyl film to transparent sheet glass. Frosted glass is used where light must be distributed, but privacy maintained.