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Fire Extinguishers Questions

You may be confused about the various types of fire extinguishers on the market. There are marine extinguishers, along with commercial grade devices, and residential ones as well. This equipment is typically sold at hardware and home improvement stores, but you’ll also find them online. Familiarize yourself with the triangle graphic that represents the four elements needed to stop a fire: heat, fuel, and oxygen all need to react chemically together. Research the fire safety equipment you’ll need to outfit your home or office, then be sure you know how to test them. Ask these questions when buying fire extinguishers at retail stores, or ask a firefighting expert for more information.

  • In commercial settings, how often should I have my fire extinguishers inspected?
    This may depend on the city or state you operate in, but some communities require inspection at one-month intervals. They may need maintenance and testing at least once a year.

  • How do I operate and control the fire extinguisher and related equipment, such as hoses?
    Call your local fire department for information as to how to properly operate these devices. They can also inform you of the fire triangle and its meaning. Many retailers will also show you how to spray the extinguisher in a safe yet effective manner. Generally, you want to pull, aim, squeeze and then sweep to ensure you get the fire or smoke.

  • Do you offer a warranty on your fire prevention products?
    Any reputable provider should stand behind its products 100 percent, offering satisfaction and product quality guarantees, which means you get your money back if a product fails to do what it is supposed to do.
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    Fire extinguishers are mostly sold by specialty fire safety companies. These companies also sell things like protective equipment and hoses. Accessories such as no smoking signs are also sold. In some cases, they may be sold online.

    Companies may also install fire control systems such as sprinklers. These are common in homes, large buildings and barns containing livestock. In some cases they are designed into the building, but many systems are added later.

    Fire extinguishers may use water or dry chemicals. Dry extinguishers use various chemicals, including powders, foam and carbon dioxide gas. Powder extinguishers commonly use pressurized nitrogen to release their contents. All portable extinguishers have contents under pressure and are potentially hazardous if damaged. This is one reason why they need to be tested regularly. Tests may also involve discharging a small amount of retardant. A discharged extinguisher can sometimes be refilled, but some designs need to be replaced. The fire triangle states that a fire requires fuel, oxygen and heat to burn, and extinguishers generally work by removing one element of that triangle, commonly oxygen. However, some interfere with the chemical reaction itself.

    Most of these companies focus on home and office safety. They often also sell smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Replacement cartridges are part of their business sales, as most have to be replaced if the extinguisher is used or if it shows signs of use. Marine extinguishers are commonly sold by boat supply companies.

    Although many systems are used for fire control, handheld extinguishers remain important. Salesmen need to advise individuals on the best kind of extinguisher for their specific fire risks. They also have some responsibility for increasing awareness of inspection schedules and when devices should be replaced. Finally, they may have to advise on the appropriate use and maintenance of protective equipment.