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Drug Detection & Testing Questions

As you may know, drug testing and detection is becoming more prominent nowadays, due to the major issue of drug addiction. Many public schools, employers, and sports team officials are making testing mandatory. This often includes the testing of urine, blood or hair follicles for substances like cocaine, marijuana, and steroids. Many athletic coaches and school officials administrate testing kits to detect for illegal substances. If you are interested in drug detection for illegal substances, you may want to make few inquiries before buying any kits or services, and some are listed below.

  • What drugs or illegal substances does the kit test for?
    If you are administering a test to athletes, students or employees for a specific drug, make sure you acquire the right testing kit.

  • Do you recommend a substance abuse facility or center?
    There are centers for substance abuse and addiction help, all over the country. Be sure to inquire about a qualified abuse center in your area.

  • Can the kit test a hair follicle for drugs?
    Typically hair follicles are tested in designated labs, by experts. However, you may be able to acquire a kit that tests follicles for specific drugs.

  • Do you offer oral alcohol breathalyzer tests?
    As you may know, these tests check blood alcohol levels. There are some companies that offer these devices and kits to police officers and civilians.

  • How much do drug testing kits and detector devices cost?
    The cost of these kits and devices will vary, depending on what they are able to test for, and how intricate they are. Some check urine, while others check blood or breath.
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association
    If you need drug testing equipment or information for drug detection services we've got it all! Our association provides resources and information can aid you in prevention and getting the proper treatment.
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    At the center of modern sports and reality shows is the presence of drug testing. Athletes use performance-enhancing steroids, rebellious teenagers smoke marijuana, and sometimes there’s such thing as too much alcohol. To judge whether or not a person is being honest about an addiction, a detection kit is the way to uncover the total truth. Using hair, urine, or blood, it is simple to detect things that should not be present in a person’s body by means of technology. The presence of illegal substances and alcohol may be the difference between employment and termination. This is where lab facility technicians come into play.

    To become part of a licensed drug testing facility, technicians must be morally responsible and educated. While an advanced degree isn’t required for hire, drug detection technicians come from many fields of study including chemistry and biology. A solid background in science prepares lab technicians to accurately meter urine samples and understand the mechanics of test kits. These labs frequently administer exams of individuals for alcohol and drug addictions. Occasionally, mandatory tests must be implemented to sports teams before important games. Similar services include work as addiction therapists, medical assistants, and in research labs.

    Whether you attend school sports games or work quietly in your office, mandatory urine tests are part of society to guard against usage. Drug kits have become so accurate; only one follicle is needed to detect cocaine usage from days earlier. Becoming part of a drug test lab is an interesting career path that saves thousands of lives every year and keeps society clean, safe, and sober.