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Tips for Choosing Drapery and Curtain Cleaners
In order to extend the life of your curtains and draperies, it is advisable to clean them thoroughly every six months. Because many curtains and drapes are made of delicate, loosely threaded fabrics, it is prudent to have them professionally cleaned. Some dry-cleaners will clean draperies and curtains, but taking them all down, taking them to the dry cleaner and re-hanging them is an inconvenience. For this reason, you can hire an on-site drapery and curtain cleaning service that will come to your home. Here are a few tips to finding a good drapery and curtain cleaning service:

Tip #1: Make sure they offer a guarantee.
A reputable drapery and curtain cleaning service will guarantee their work against shrinkage and damage to the fabrics. Some services will perform a spot cleaning demonstration. Ask if they do complete inspections both before and after the work is done.

Tip #2: Ask what methods they use to clean.
If you only need your draperies cleaned, services that clean your draperies as they hang are preferable because cleaning draperies on the rod minimizes damage the fabric might suffer from extensive handling. However, if you also need your drapes repaired or altered, then a service that dismantles them and takes them to their facilities will be more convenient. However, ask if they do the alterations themselves or use a sub-contractor.

Tip #3: Ask what sort of cleaning solution they use.
Many companies use solvents that remove the resin that adds gloss to draperies — make sure they are well versed in the different kinds of drapery fabrics and treatments. Companies also frequently have natural cleaning alternatives for those who are either sensitive to or wary of chemical cleaning materials.

Tip #4 Ask if they clean specialty window treatments.
Some window treatments are so elaborate that special methods are required to clean them adequately. Be sure they are mindful of any trimming, silk, lace, festoons, flounces or any delicate textiles on your draperies and window coverings.

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A company that provides drapery, curtain, window, and textile cleaning will have professional techniques and special chemicals they can use to remove stains caused by dust, dander, smoke, and soil. Some may be able to remove the stains without removing the cloth from the rod, while others will take the fabric with them, clean them, and return them as soon as possible.

Professional drapery and curtain cleaning companies will have to know the difference between cloths, and what type of chemical solutions need to be avoided. Sheer cloths including lace, silk, satin, and chenille, will need more delicate cleaning solutions so the actual fabric isn't damaged. Cotton, wool, polyester, and linen will also need to be cared for in ways that will not ruin them.

Companies that come to homes to clean windows, drapery, or windows will need to have background checks done on their employees. They will also want to ensure that their cleaners know what chemicals cannot be used on certain fabrics so customers are satisfied with the outcome.

Some stores may sell equipment and chemicals that customers can buy so they can clean their curtains themselves. They can shop around and look for cleaning supplies that will remove pollen, dust, and smoke from their curtains. Employees at supply stores can help answer a number of various questions regarding drapery and curtains. They can discuss recommendations on what type of cloth to use, what fabrics will look best in smokey environments, and even how to install a curtain rod properly, as well as what chemicals cannot be used on sheer fabrics.