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Looking for a new door? These questions will help you on your journey to purchasing a quality sliding, screen, oak, or fiberglass door. Just be sure that your lock, deadbolt, and knob all fit and the door is able to be supported by the hinges. Also be sure that doors such as exterior patio doors fit in your frame perfectly if they can’t be cut. Garage doors are a whole different specialty, though.

  • Will the door fit in my frame?
    If the door you want doesn’t fit inside the frame it’s intended to go in, then it’ll have to be cut. Custom doors are practical for wooden front entry doors and other interior doors as they’re usually manufactured at a standard size, ready to be cut down. Shower door frames also are cut to fit. Sliding Doors and glass doors, when installed, have the frame custom built and installed so they won’t cut the glass door. The same goes for French doors as well. Patio doors are usually made to fit, so be sure you get the right size.

  • Do you give a discount on wholesale purchases?
    For commercial buildings, it’s pertinent to have fire doors. For smaller buildings, they may only have one or two of them, but larger ones will need more, so it’d be good to buy them at a discounted price. Cabinets and closet doors can also be purchased wholesale.

  • Do you carry specialty doors?
    Storm doors, fire doors, and French doors can be considered as “specialty.” Make sure to ask for a specific type when calling, though. Fire doors have a steel mesh in the glass panel portion while storm doors have screens in front of them that are usually folding ones and French doors all have a fairly unique look to them.
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    Because there are so many variations on doors, there are many different jobs that can be associated with this industry. The main part of this industry is made up by dealers who sell everything from french or sliding glass doors, to windows. The main person you will likely deal with is the sales rep, who is working on the showroom floor. A sales representative can help walk you through different styles, and can even custom order items if they do not have what you need. For instance, if you need a storm or fireproof front door for your home, the rep should be able to help, or at least guide you towards another company that features these types of additions to guard your entryway. If the dealer has payed wholesale prices for the screen, patio, or even glass shower door, the sales representative may even be able to get you a discount!

    Another career available in this industry is that of a craftsperson who specializes in woodworking. For a skilled craftsperson, he or she has spent a lifetime perfecting the craft. Many have served in an apprenticeship when first learning how to design cabinet doors, or custom paneled window shutters. Though they do not work with materials like steel or fiberglass, this person can build you a custom oak door for the front of your home, or any interior or exterior location. They can also install antique locks, knobs and hinges, especially if you are remodeling an older home! What this person can't help with is that new screen or sliding door, though they can build a custom French patio entrance, or closet door!

    Finally, you have the garage door technician. This tech has been trained to work with everything, from folding to steel!