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Community Center FAQs
Community centers are valuable neighborhood resources. If you are interested in the services community centers provide, then the following answers to a few basic questions about community centers might be useful to you:

What are community centers?
Community centers are recreational facilities that provide activities for both young people and adults. These centers are typically either cultural centers or neighborhood-based social centers. Cultural centers are types of community centers that cater to specific nationalities, religions or ethnicities, and offer classes, outreach programs, mentoring services and youth programs as well as group social activities and athletic programs. While cultural centers do seek to bring members of the same religion or nationality together, they are typically all-inclusive, and anyone who has an interest in that particular culture can join. Community centers that do not focus on a specific cultural demographic typically offer a wide variety of athletic and fitness programs that include classes and organized team sports. Community centers might also offer language classes, day care and summer camp programs.

Why would I use community center services?
Community centers offer a wide variety of activities for people of all ages. They offer inexpensive facilities for people of different backgrounds, and allow for increased awareness of one's community makeup. Even for those who aren't necessarily interested in broadening their acquaintances, community centers offer different classes, programs and facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, basketball courts, yoga classes, dance classes and self defense classes.

How do I find a community center?
You can find community centers in online and published directories. If you are in school, your counselors will know about community centers for young people that offer after school activities. Public libraries sometimes have community center activities posted on their events boards. You can also check with your local church or temple for faith-based community centers.

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Many people want to join recreational sports clubs, but they do not want to pay high membership fees that many gyms charge. Instead, you might decide to find a public community center with a good recreation facility and programs that you are interested in. Becoming a member of a community center not only gives you access to indoor sports facilities, development programs, health and medical advice, parks, and clubs, it also gives you the chance to socialize with other people in your area. Depending on where you live, there might be several community centers listed in the online directory. If you follow these guidelines you should be able to determine which one has the services, meeting rooms, and clubs that meet your needs. First, you need to make sure that the center has programs that are right for you. Many of them have clubs that are specifically designed for seniors or youths. A senior health club is great for older people because it gives you the opportunity to gather with people you own age and improve your health. Ask them if they have connections with any associations that will give you access to a wider network of services from other clubs in the city, region, and country. If you are interested in finding a recreation center that has a great deal of social gatherings, then you should get information about the activity space. Make sure they have a meeting room or party space that is large enough for the members. You should also make sure that the meeting rooms have the right equipment for you, like stereos and TVs.