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Questions for stucco contractors

If you are remodeling the exterior of your home, choosing stucco could be a good option for you. Stucco can be applied as a siding when wet, but when it dries it becomes very durable. Therefore, homes with stucco sidings have exteriors that remain beautiful and sturdy as long as the stucco coating was applied properly. It is important to choose qualified contractors who have experience working with stucco and other concrete mixes. Below are several questions for contractors.

  • What exactly is stucco?
    It is like plaster, except it is made from mixing Portland cement, sand and water together. This creates a substance that is very hard and durable. Because stucco can also be dyed a variety of colors, it can be used as a coating for buildings whose walls aren't very visually appealing, such as concrete blocks.

  • How is it applied?
    The actually applying of stucco is tedious work, which is why it is important to use a professional service or contractor who has worked in stucco before. Stucco is applied in three different coats, and a mistake in one layer ruins all the rest. Good contractors will have the proper tools and equipment for properly applying the material.

  • What are some common problems?
    Hard coating stucco has become notorious as being difficult to work with. Applied heavily during the 1960s and 1970, it involves embedding decorative elements, like glass and marble into the stucco. The problem is, this material becomes very heavy and often breaks. If the home you are remodeling has hard coat stucco, make sure your contractor knows this.

  • Should my contractor be licensed?
    Every contractor you let into your home should be licensed and insured. If they are not willing to back up their work, then you can find another contractor who is.
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    Stucco and exterior coating contractors provide protective exterior coatings for homes buildings such as homes and other commercial and residential structures. These coatings are often to improve the strength of the building or provide a fireproofing coat the building. Stucco and exterior coatings are usually applied by a spray on technique which allows the coating to be applied to a wall evenly.

    Most of these companies specialize in protective coating services on existing buildings but they can also be used in remodeling, new constructions, or even provide services to add a nice texture and visual look to a building that may only have concrete walls. Stucco and Exterior coating contractors often specialize in remodeling homes and commercial properties, adding a fireproof or fire resistant coating to get a building up to code. Often times, they will also spray the exterior of a building, and may even work on the interior.

    Usually a coating contractor must possess a valid contractor license in the state of which they do their work. In many cases, they must also possess extra credentials if they are providing fireproofing or fire preventative coatings to their customers.

    These companies often supply other contractors, such as building contractors, with services to complete a specific project if those contractors don't have the specific equipment or tools to provide coating services. They will also often work with the concrete, siding, and plaster contractors to put the final protective coating on a building.

    Stucco and exterior coating contractors offer more than just protective coatings on the outside of a building. Often times they provide services to improve the aesthetics of the exterior of a home or business or even provide a protective coating to the inside of a building.