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Important Questions for Your Health or Life Insurance Agent

When choosing a health or life insurance policy, it's important to understand your requirements and benefits. Asking your insurance agent the following critical questions will ensure that you choose the appropriate health or life insurance policy to meet your needs.

  • Will I need to undergo an insurance medical exam to qualify for the policy?
    Under certain circumstances, health and especially life insurance companies require medical tests to determine a potential client's eligibility for insurance. The cost of the exam is covered by the insurance company.

  • What exactly does my health insurance plan cover?
    Premium plans may include some vision, dental or even mental health benefits. Find out what routine healthcare, testing and inpatient or outpatient care is covered.

  • Will this policy cover me alone or my family?
    Insurance policies can be written to cover a single individual or several dependents.

  • How much is the deductible?
    Health insurance companies usually enforce a deductible, which is a dollar amount paid by the policy holder before the insurance company will begin to pay benefits.

  • Does the plan utilize UCR charges?
    UCR stands for the "usual, reasonable and customary" rate charged for a particular service in a given area. Subscribers may be responsible for service fees above the UCR rate.

  • Is this life insurance term or world?
    Term life insurance extends over a specific period of time. At the end of that period, the policy must be renewed, often at an increased premium. World life insurance covers an individual's entire lifespan, but generally costs more.

  • When is open enrollment?
    Open enrollment refers to a period of time following initial enrollment during which the policy owner can make changes to the policy and enroll dependents on the plan.

  • When will my coverage take effect?
    It's important to know how soon you or your beneficiaries can claim health or life insurance benefits.
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    If you need to undergo an insurance medical examination before purchasing a group, individual or family policy, there are a few general procedures that are commonly followed when you are applying for health, life or long term care insurance. Your medical history is often taken prior to the physical examination. You will be asked about doctors you have seen, surgeries you have had and medications you are currently taking. Your medical history and current health will have a great impact on your risk factors for your insurance policy. It will also help determine your premium rates for your coverage.

    The physical examination performed by an independent paramedical will typically include checking blood pressure, height and weight. You will probably also be asked to provide urine and blood samples for additional testing. If you would like a copy of your results, you can request that in writing from the insurance company, which will then forward the report that the independent paramedical sends to them.

    If you are eligible for forms like the I693 or 485, the insurance company will determine whether you need a physical examination or vaccination. Dental and vision exams are not usually included in this physical exam. These procedures are fairly universal, and will be consistent between life insurance companies no matter what types of benefits and coverage you are looking for. The examinations are paid for by the life insurance company. If additional tests are required with the examination, they are also set up and paid for by the insurance company. This process is a necessary step for nearly any type of insurance coverage, to determine the risk of the applicant, the benefits that will be received and the premium rate that will be quoted.