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Question to Ask When Buying Windows

Upgrading your windows doesn't just improve the appearance of your home. New windows can also increase the energy efficiency of your house, saving you money on your utility bills. Whether you're looking for a new bay window or hoping to install sliding glass doors, asking the following questions can help you make a careful, informed decision on your replacement project.

  • Are your windows custom made?
    Even if your windows or sliding glass doors are a standard size, be careful about purchasing prefabricated or pre-constructed, one-size-fits-all windows. Over time, your window frames can become warped, making them irregularly shaped. The only way to ensure that your replacement windows will fit snugly in the frame, is to have them specially made for your home.

  • From what materials are your windows made?
    Vinyl windows are generally considered longer-wearing than aluminum or wood-based alternatives. To get the most durable products on the market, look for models that are reinforced with steel. This makes them durable and able to withstand wear for longer.

  • What benefits do your windows provide?
    Replacement windows can have a variety of special features to help save you money and protect your home. Some have insulated glass, which helps to keep heat in during cold months. Others reduce the amount of ultraviolet light that enters your home with a special tint or are designed to reduce noise from the outside.

  • Are you a member of NARI?
    The National Association of the Remodeling Industry is the primary professional group for contractors who install windows in homes. Contractors who belong to the organization must meet ethical requirements, helping to assure you are dealing with a reputable company.

  • What type of warranty do you offer?
    Warranties on your replacement windows should cover the workmanship as well as the windows themselves.
    Wide selection of glass windows Buffalo. All sizes of windows for Buffalo home or office.

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    Efficient Windows Collaborative
    Our windows are the easiest energy efficient upgrade a homeowner or business owner can make. Whether you need an extra source of holding heat in or keeping it out, find what you're looking for with our help.
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    Finding you windows in Buffalo is what we're about. We provide you with free quotes from several of Buffalo's best Home Windows companies. Put a stop to your stress and let us get you the right one!
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    Find Buffalo Contractors To Bid On Your windows - Compare Bids & Save!

    Built-Right Home Improvement Write review for this local business
    6826 Hatter Rd., Newfane, NY 14108
    (716) 316-1831  
    Replace an old creaky window or a broken window with a new one! We offer professional installation of windows for your home or office at affordable prices. Call us for assistance!
    National Energy Systems Inc
    1 review: *****
    1726 Long Pond RD Ste 7, Rochester, NY 14606
    (585) 458-1220 Write review for this local business

    "THis company just wants your money. They don't care about their service or their installation. We now own thousands of dollars to a bank for their windows and we recently told that our NES windows were not energy-efficient at all. ..."
    American Window & Siding Write review for this local business
    135 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202
    (716) 614-2828  
    Infinity Architectural Window Systems Write review for this local business
    1555 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14213
    (716) 881-7349  
    Sellmore Industries Inc Write review for this local business
    355 Fillmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14206
    (716) 856-1900  
    Phoenix Windows & Architectural Products Inc Write review for this local business
    500 Northland Ave, Buffalo, NY 14211
    (716) 896-0214  
    Advanced Window & Door Systems Inc Write review for this local business
    Buffalo, NY 14240
    (716) 863-1172  
    Nexgen Windows & Doors Write review for this local business
    Buffalo, NY 14240
    (716) 568-0478  
    Nexgen Windows & Doors Write review for this local business
    Buffalo, NY 14240
    (716) 262-8546  
    Window Magic Corp Write review for this local business
    529 Colvin Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216
    (716) 877-7600  
    Elite remodeling Write review for this local business
    88pulaski, Buffalo, NY 14206
    (716) 553-9010  
    Conradi Fenster Write review for this local business
    215 Pinewoods Ave, Tonawanda, NY 14217
    (716) 238-2567  
    Pella Windows & Doors Write review for this local business
    2580 Walden Ave, Buffalo, NY 14225
    (716) 681-2000  
    Big L Windows & Doors Write review for this local business
    2727 William St, Buffalo, NY 14227
    (716) 895-8484  
    Pace Window & Door Write review for this local business
    81 Benbro Dr Ste 100, Buffalo, NY 14225
    (716) 681-5858  
    Comfort Windows Doors Siding Sunrooms Write review for this local business
    575 Ludwig Ave Ste 4, Buffalo, NY 14227
    (716) 893-4663  
    Nexgen Windows & Doors LLC Write review for this local business
    4347 Union Rd, Buffalo, NY 14225
    (716) 635-6479  
    Window World of Buffalo Write review for this local business
    65 Innsbruck Dr, Buffalo, NY 14227
    (716) 656-0100  
    Pella Windows and Doors Write review for this local business
    2576 Walden Ave, Buffalo, NY 14225
    (716) 683-3896  
    Classic Window and Door Write review for this local business
    4540 Clinton St, Buffalo, NY 14224
    (716) 656-9662  
    Woodmark Window & Door Write review for this local business
    300 Langner Rd Ste 9, Buffalo, NY 14224
    (716) 824-4822  

    Home window installation and replacement is part of the home improvement industry. New homes are generally built with custom windows and doors. However, many homeowners want to replace their windows. They may choose to go from single pane to double pane windows. They may also choose to install French sliding doors or windows to allow entry to and from a patio or outdoor area. It is also common to replace older wooden frames, prone to rot, with new plastic or metal. A skylight might be added to a dark room. These may be a specific improvement project or part of a larger one. Window contractors may also install standard, wooden doors or storm doors.

    The simple replacement of single windows and panes is also important, as is repair of damaged and rotten frames. Older houses may require custom replacement for a bay window or to preserve the look of old leaded glass. Stained glass tends to be created by specialists and is still often made by artisans working mostly by hand. Modern stained glass is often considered to be art work.

    Automotive window replacement is also important. Car and truck windows are designed to be almost unbreakable. They are also not flat, like house windows, but curved. In many cases, cars are made with factory tinted windows. Tinting is also sometimes added in the form of a film or tape. Most automotive windows are tinted lightly, with darker tints sometimes being used. Dark tints are common on limousines to ensure privacy.

    Commercial window cleaners are important employers, especially in large cities. Although residential homeowners sometimes hire window cleaners, most work on large buildings, often suspended at a considerable height. Although it is technically janitorial labor, it requires a certain level of skill to ensure the windows are cleaned right.

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