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Answers to Your Hardware Store Questions

We've all seen the advertisements on television for big retail home improvement centers where the staff is happily answering complicated construction questions. Of course the reality of that scene is somewhat questionable. While some hardware store clerks are happy to answer questions, others can be quite cold. So before heading out to the strip mall, here are the answers to a few commonly asked hardware store questions.

  • What are the basic tools I should have in my tool kit?
    Your basic toolbox should contain a hammer, some nails, a selection of screwdrivers, as well as wood and metal screws. Over time, you can add other tools as you need them.

  • When is it time to throw in the towel and call a professional to finish my home improvement project?
    If your kitchen or bathroom remodel is stalled for more than a week or two while you attempt to figure out some complicated installation, it's time to call in a professional.

  • What does the clerk at the hardware store mean when he refers to "millworks"?
    Millwork is just a fancy way of saying pre-made doors and kitchen cabinets that are sold in retail outlets. Anything like bathroom cabinets that isn't pre-made is referred to as "custom."

  • Do I have to use primer before I paint something or is it just an extra step?
    Yes, applying a layer of primer is recommended before painting anything from doors to fences. The layer of primer will help keep the paint from getting absorbed into the wood or drywall.

  • What is sheet rock? Is it the same thing as drywall?
    Sheet rock, also referred to as drywall, is a slab of gypsum rock that's covered in a thin coat paper. This durable material is nailed to the framing of a house to created walls.
  • North American Retail Hardware Associaiton
    Our association provides business development and resources for anyone in the hardware retailing or manufacturing business. Providing growth and resources to our many members nationwide.
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    The Barefoot Quilter Write review for this local business
    9005 Main St, Rushford, NY 14777
    (585) 437-2241  
    This is a full-service quilt shop offering quality fabric, classes and longarm quilting services. Opened May 2012, we are still growing!
    Wilson Hardware Co
    1 review: *****
    812 Monroe Ave, Rochester, NY 14607
    (585) 473-5962 Write review for this local business

    "We dropped off a functional push mower with the claim it would be sharpened that day and 2+ weeks later we got back a broken machine. Because we weren't charged I can't claim that they're scam artists (although they did try to sell me a new machine for $130), but they're certainly unprofessional and incompetent. I'm saddened by the fact that I'll no longer be able to give my business to this nea ..."
    Brown's Hardware
    1 review: *****
    14210 Route 8 89, Wattsburg, PA 16442
    (814) 739-2545 Write review for this local business

    "Very nice hardware store, Mr. Brown was very informative and helped me choose the proper parts for my kitchen sink repair. He a little bit of everything there. Prices are good to. I will be back.. ..."
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    448 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14201
    (716) 847-6414  
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    262 W Ferry St, Buffalo, NY 14213
    (716) 883-8787  
    Buffalo Hammer Mill Corp Write review for this local business
    222 Chicago St, Buffalo, NY 14204
    (716) 855-1203  
    Wendt USA LLC Write review for this local business
    259 Chicago St, Buffalo, NY 14204
    (716) 362-0933  
    Mayco Lead Scrap Purchasing Write review for this local business
    180 Norwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14222
    (716) 824-6195  
    Johnson Fastener Corp Write review for this local business
    225 Louisiana St, Buffalo, NY 14204
    (716) 852-3535  
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    471 Connecticut St, Buffalo, NY 14213
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    22 Summer St, Buffalo, NY 14209
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    169 E Ferry St, Buffalo, NY 14208
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    753 Broadway St, Buffalo, NY 14212
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    1841 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207
    (716) 873-2397  
    True Value Write review for this local business
    2245 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216
    (716) 875-3300  
    Shea's Hardware Write review for this local business
    2465 Seneca St, Buffalo, NY 14210
    (716) 822-0094  
    County Supply Corp Write review for this local business
    589 Tonawanda St, Buffalo, NY 14207
    (716) 873-4700  
    Walczak Hrdwr & Paints Write review for this local business
    2415 William St, Buffalo, NY 14206
    (716) 893-2731  
    Metal Supermarkets Write review for this local business
    2230 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216
    (716) 877-7494  
    American Stainless Write review for this local business
    1374 Clinton St, Buffalo, NY 14206
    (716) 827-1100  
    Buffalo Concrete Accessories Write review for this local business
    243 Manhattan Ave, Buffalo, NY 14214
    (716) 332-2800  
    Hertel Hardware Hardware & Plumbing Co Inc Write review for this local business
    1273 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY 14216
    (716) 875-3900  
    Metco Strip Inc Write review for this local business
    2221 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207
    (716) 447-9690  
    Shako Inc Write review for this local business
    2266 Niagara St, Buffalo, NY 14207
    (716) 876-6152  

    The sales staff at hardware retail stores play an important part in ensuring customers receive the products and tools they are looking for. Most hardware store employees have extensive knowledge and experience with a wide variety of tools and construction products. For instance, they may have experience with various wood, metal and plastic materials used for restoration and development projects. In addition, sales staff regularly dispense advice to customers regarding hammers, wrenches, drills and many other commonly used tools.

    Along with knowledge of various products, workers often have home improvement experience. For instance, many restore, remodel and renovate a wide variety of fixtures for contracting companies and similar businesses. This firsthand experience allows workers to offer expert guidance for customers interested in replacing doors, repairing kitchen cabinets, or performing other similar tasks. Along with supplying customers with advice on doors and kitchen cabinets, sales staff commonly offer other useful tips as well. For instance, they may help clients choose proper nails and screws for their building projects. In addition, they may help customers find the right paint and glue materials to mend home fixtures and other objects. Sales staff may also help find the best stone materials for individuals interested in designing and installing new walkways, patios and other household structures. Along with construction and renovation experience, most hardware stores prefer to hire individuals with strong customer service skills as well. Employees must provide courteous and helpful service to customers. In addition, they must have a strong work ethic and work well with coworkers. Overall, these handyman experts provide essential services to hardware retailers across the globe.

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