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Terms Relating to Fiberglass Products and Materials
The following are some terms relating to fiberglass products and materials.

Composite: A composite is multiple different materials that are bound together. The different materials in a composite maintain their original attributes, which means a composite can combine the best aspects of different materials. Many fiberglass products are composites.

Cure: To cure a substance is to alter its physical properties. Curing is usually accomplished via heat, though pressure may also be involved.

Epoxy Resin: Epoxy resin is a thermosetting resin that becomes very hard after curing. Polyester resins are similar but are of lower quality.

Gel Coat: A gel coat is a layer of polymer resin, colored or uncolored, that is applied to a material’s surface. Gel coatings are added to many fiberglass products to add some protection and aesthetic appeal.

Mat: A mat is a material that is used for reinforcement. Mats come in numerous lengths and widths, and they can be composed of chopped or swirled fibers.

Parting Agent: A parting agent is used to separate a finished product from a mold. Parting agents may also be used to prevent resin from sticking to the product or equipment. Wax, glass, and cellophane are all common parting agents.

Resin: Resins are common binding agents. They are substances that have high molecular weights, and they soften or reshape easily when heated or pressurized. Resins are usually polymers.

Spray-up: To spray-up is to cast resin and fiberglass into a mold at the same time.

Thermoset: A thermoset material, or thermoplastic, cannot be remade into an uncured substance once it has been cured. The curing process has chemically, and permanently, altered the state of the material.

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Fiberglass product suppliers need reliable managers that can make deals with manufacturers to purchase low-cost repair parts, house insulation, cloth, and pool supplies that are made of fiberglass. When these managers do their jobs well, the distributors can attract more clients by passing on the savings in the form of discounts. When a client places a large order roof and attic thermal insulation, they get lower prices because the manager has found a cheap supplier.

These companies also need warehouse workers that can keep all the fiberglass products organized. Working in a warehouse requires more than just strength. Bundles of fiberglass spools and cloth can, of course, weigh quite a bit and the workers also need to know how to keep everything in the right place. By organizing the rods, swimming pool covers, tapes, molds, and custom repair parts, they can provide better services to clients. If the warehouse was disorganized, then a client that ordered fiberglass ground covers might receive industrial repair parts or construction products. This would create problems for the company and encourage the client to shop elsewhere.

Customer service representatives also play an important role. Customer service representatives often act as the point of contact for fiber glass supply companies. When clients call to learn more about spa products, fiberglass doors, and wall insulation, they usually speak with a customer service representative. The representatives should, therefore, have a basic understanding of the various resins and coatings that the company sells. They also have good communication skills that will help them talk to a wide variety of clients.