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Helpful Dry Ice Questions

Dry ice has a number of commercial and consumer uses. High schools employ it in science experiments. Theaters use it to create smoke and fog special effects. Plant nurseries store and ship live specimens in dry ice, and it is also used in the construction industry as a way to clean various materials and surfaces, usually through high-speed blasting. One of its most intriguing uses is in generating liquid hydrogen from coal. The resulting fuel is not only cleaner than coal, it can be created without damaging the environment. Before buying or handling dry ice, consider asking these important questions.

  • What is dry ice?
    Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, or CO2.

  • How can dry ice be purchased?
    Dry ice is sold in several formats, including blocks, pellets and slabs.

  • How should I transport and store dry ice before use?
    Dry ice must be stored in an insulated container. A refrigerator or freezer will not store the product at a low enough temperature to slow its transformation into CO2 gas. Make sure the area is well ventilated.

  • Why is dry ice preferable to other blasting materials?
    Find out if the advantage of dry ice blasting will be helpful in your project.

  • How much dry ice will I need?
    A retailer will be able to determine how much you need to complete your cleaning or blasting project.

  • What safety precautions should I take when handling dry ice?
    Because of its extreme low temperature, dry ice must be handled carefully. Gloves and eye protection are recommended.

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    One thing that may be hard for people to understand is why dry ice can burn you. When CO2 reaches a low enough temperature, CO2 becomes so far beyond the point of frozen that it will feel as hot as coal if it touches your skin. Avoid skin damage, coal-like burns and a trip to the emergency room by always wearing gloves and protective gear when touching or handling CO2. Liquid nitrogen has similar properties of dry ice.

    When the temperature gets too warm, typical ice from your freezer will melt into a puddle of water. One benefit to dry ice is that it will evaporate into thin air because it goes through a sublime process and forms a gas when not kept cold enough.

    Environmentalists are fans of dry ice blasting process used for cleaning. Many other ways of cleaning release a lot of waste. Dry ice blasting leaves no waste behind. Blasting involves a lot of pressure, precision and the correct tools. Trained commercial cleaners and science experts should be left in charge of blasting.

    Solid blocks or pellets of dry ice can be shipped in a truck if stored in a well insulated containment case. It can also be shipped on a plane, but there are very strict rules so check with the airline first.

    If you are an experienced chef, you can actually cook for a party with dry ice. This can be an interesting cooling process for guests to watch. Just be careful that no one touches or tries to taste the dry ice.

    You can also try at home experiments with dry ice. Your experiment, if done correctly, should result in fog, smoke and other side effects. Study up before doing an experiment with dry ice and always take safety precautions.