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Questions About Barricades

Although barricades are used for various reasons, it is important to know what type of barrier works most effectively for specific situations and environments. In other words, if you need some type of barricade, you do not want to simply purchase the first one you see. It pays to get some information beforehand, and ask the distributor or contractor questions about the barrier, and what will work best for you. Below are a few inquiries to consider.

  • What types of traffic barriers do you specialize in?
    Most people have encountered steel railing or low concrete walls that run between highways or interstates. If you are in need of a barrier like this, it is a good idea to ask about the materials used to make these barricades, and how strong they are. This will help you decide what type of barrier is right for you. You may even want to see some examples of barricades the company or dealer has to offer.

  • How much do the barriers cost?
    The cost of an entry gate or plastic crowd control barricade will vary depending on the distributor you speak with. Therefore it is prudent to get price quotes from several dealers, and be sure to specify the type of concrete traffic barrier or safety gate you need.

  • How long does the construction of a traffic barrier take?
    Depending on how busy the contractor or service is, the construction of a concrete or steel traffic barrier may vary. You can likely get a time estimate from a few different professionals, and then decide from there.

  • Do you offer crowd entry control gates?
    There are different types of plastic and portable crowd control gates and barriers available. If you have a specific style or size in mind, be sure to ask the dealer what options are available.
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    Bob's Safety Lights Inc Write review for this local business
    Atlanta, GA 31131
    (404) 761-8000  
    Bob's Safety Lights Inc2 Write review for this local business
    1530 Nabell Ave, Atlanta, GA 30344
    (404) 761-8000  
    Barrier Solutions Write review for this local business
    1530 Nabell Ave, Atlanta, GA 30344
    (404) 768-7007  
    A A A Signs Write review for this local business
    7810 N Main St, Jonesboro, GA 30236
    (770) 603-0360  
    A A A Signs Write review for this local business
    7810 N Main St, Jonesboro, GA 30236
    (770) 603-3173  
    Boston Barricade Company Write review for this local business
    160 Wansley Dr SE, Cartersville, GA 30121
    (770) 382-0113  
    Columbus Barricade & Safety Write review for this local business
    6228 Macon Rd Ste B, Columbus, GA 31907
    (706) 569-1867  
    Superior Traffic Control Write review for this local business
    6020 Pinehurst Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37421
    (423) 855-2762  

    Providers of barricades may also sell related products like stanchions, guard rails, ski racks, gates, and fencing. They may also sell accessories barricade jackets, caster feet, rubber stoppers, and signage. Such companies typically offer many services, including global export, delivery and set-up, online ordering, online catalogs and custom products.

    Barricade manufacturers often produce custom crowd control products for events, concerts, parks, highway construction projects and more. They sometimes work one-on-one with the client to come up with the best design for their needs, whether that includes heavy-duty plastic or steel rails, or concrete barriers. Products and materials should be high in quality to prevent damage to surrounding objects, and have enough weight to properly secure a perimeter.

    Professionals in this industry usually have varying expertise. Some work on the production lines, some are sales associates, and some are delivery personnel who perform installations and break-downs. Many barricade manufacturers strive to provide high-quality work, including the utmost in safety and blocking capabilities. Applications can vary, as some are geared towards maritime barricades, while others focus on water fillable barriers for construction projects. Still, others are meant for military use only. Municipalities and governments must find room in their budgets to purchase such barricades and related supplies for their roadway projects and crowd control needs.

    Building professionals are often customers of barricade providers, as are cities, towns, schools, and owners of arenas.

    Barricade manufacturers must comply with safety and quality specifications and guidelines. This is important when providing efficient road closing and blocking, whether due to rain water flooding, foot traffic, vehicular traffic, or temporary use. Products should effectively stop traffic and reroute it, with the use of heavy-duty materials, often concrete, to provide an immovable force.